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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Review

Naruto Rise of a Ninja is a big leap forward into creating a world that makes you feel like you are a ninja.  All though there have been  a variety of Naruto games thus far this is the only one that lets you live Naruto’s life as well as grow with him.  It is the first Naruto game for the X360 and is the first that doesn’t focus on just fighting. If you are a serious fan you may get bored reliving every moment of Naruto’s rise but Ubisoft does a very good job at sticking to the anime. This is the first time that you get to experience the village of Konoha in breath-taking detail.  The ability to run and jump from the highest building and dashing thru the trees at high-speed is the biggest and most fun thing that sets this game apart from all others.

Fighting is simple and doesn’t have much of a combo system. Just  like the previous games its simple two button fighting with items and a guard. The real challenge to fighting is the jutsu system. Unlike the others, Rise of a Ninja makes you perform hand signs, store chakra, and even perform specific controls in order to successfully pull off the jutsu.  Just like in the show there is a chance to evade  powerful attacks, but your enemy can also evade yours so that final super move you’ve been saving to beat a hard boss may not actually hit him and then all hope is lost. One big downside to combat is the online play.  People who play online have no desire to really fight. Most people learn one move and spam it over and over. It gets really frustrating and a little annoying.

This game offers a wide variety of items that help in battle and scrolls that can give you an edge in combat.  Every time you come to a boss you’ll want to make sure that you have  scrolls.   From increased power to using less chakra these scrolls can be the biggest  asset in hard battles.  It also offers upgrades for every item, so those dinky little kunai can become deadly weapon instead of just stopping the enemies jutsu. Upgrades can only be done once you have the coins to do so. Get ready to spend a lot of time searching the vast village, top to bottom, for more coins.

 Once you’ve beaten the story there isn’t much left to do. There are lots of mini games in the form of missions and coins to collect but you’ll probably have most, if not all, of it done before you end the last fight.  There are some really challenging fights so before you go into battle take the time to increase your combos and jutsu as well as fully upgrade any weapons and scrolls you like to use.



There isn’t much for DLC but one thing that is a must download for any Naruto fan is the Japanese voices. Hearing “Believe It!!”  over and over can get really annoying. Other than four downloadable characters and two challenges there’s not much extra to do after the stories beat.  But if you’re looking to refresh yourself with Naruto’s beginning or just explore the beautifully giant village for the first time this is the Naruto game for you.


7 out of 10

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