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Naruto Ninja Storm Ultimate Generations Preview

The new installment of Naruto has been given the tag line “The ultimate ninja battle across generations.” The game will feature 75 playable characters as well as 15 extra support type. Although it plays incredibly similar to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, a few modifications have been made. Characters now have a “Beast Mode,” almost identical to the previous games “Awakening Mode.” This will activate when the player is close to death and in need of a boost. Examples would be with the new game, as Sasuke Uchiha 2, you release the massive Sussano. And as Naruto Uzimake 2, you turn into his awakened nine tailed fox form increasing your speed, strength, and dodging abilities.


Another nice feature is the fighting system has been implemented to move much faster and smoother all around. I was already impressed with the last games speed and fluidity, so this really brings some excitement to the table especially with online battles. This doubles for players like me who prefer speedy teams over heavy hitters. Also introduced is a collectible card system that you will use to unlock bonus content and new fighting abilities.


As far as the new character list is concerned, 75 players is massive. Both generations are represented, (Naruto and Naruto Shippuden) starting with Zabuza Momochi and his partner Haku as seen in the games initial trailers. The new and old generations of kage are all present, such as all 5 Hokage, and all current leaders in the anime to date. The akatsuki make there reappearance, as well as many different transformations for favorites from the series. Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzimake, Killer bee, and many others will have upwards of 3 and 4 different playable states.


Ultimate generations focus more upon the fighting aspect than the free roam and story elements as seen in past games. Players will see more continuous fighting and upgrading this time around. But developers have added over an hour of new created animations and cut scenes to replace the lost content of the beefed up story mode a lot of people were hoping for. Online play makes another return, although many details of the changes to this game type are yet to be seen.

All in all, this is a highly anticipated release for fans of the anime and previous games. Fighting game fans alike can easily pick it up and jump in without much trouble either for an equally fun time. Release date is currently set for mid march so reserve a copy now and be sure to pick up Naruto Storm Ultimate Generations.

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