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Nan Desu Kan 2016 Retrospect

Nan Desu Kan 2016 Retrospect

Nan Desu Kan is a premier Anime Convention in the Denver area that seems to grow in size every year it seems. I have been going to Nan Desu Kan for 8 years now, and this was my second year going as a member of Broken Analog, it has definitely opened my eyes to critiquing what I personally see more than it had when i was a regular attendee.
The convention this year was quite enjoyable, the guest list this year was really good with quite a few Voice actors in the industry like veterans Richard Epcar[Ghost in the Shell] and his wife Elyn Stern-Epcar[Gundam Unicorn], Sonny Strait [Krillin and voice director for Funimation], Johnny Yong Bosch [Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Trigun, Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans] and awesome Japanese guests Shinichiro Watanabe[ Director of Macross, Cowboy Bebop Movie] and Dai Sato [Script Writer for, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cowboy Bebop, Wolfs Rain, Eureka Seven, Lupin the Third], that was just a snippit of how many guests this year. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sonny Strait and were supposed to interview Richard Epcar as well but due to unforseen circumstances he couldn’t make it to the interview for our time slot.

One of the big things for me going every year is seeing all of the items in the dealers room, alot of what is in there is imported in from Japan and sold there, my biggest thing to look for is model kits from Mobile Suit Gundam, but there are way more things there than just that. There is anything in there ranging from collectibles to manga/anime, to actual replicas of swords from video games and manga/anime and wall scrolls. usually there is a huge turn out and different selections in usually every booth but it felt like to me this year there wasn’t too much of a difference in the booths the biggest turn out that I wish i had more money for was the figure booth, they had a 20th anniversary Motoko Kusanagi collectible action figure(I’m a huge Ghost in the Shell fan) that was way too much for my pocket book so that was my sad moment for the weekend.

The one thing that I wish I would give my self more time for would be all the panels, it feels like year after year i get less and less time to go to them or i tag along with my colleagues and friends to go out to eat(probably a big highlight of my weekend), but not a lot of the panels themselves seem to appealing to me anymore, nothing really stood out to me this year as they have in the past, there was a Gundam one but i sadly missed it(I arrived at the convention a little late on day one) maybe that is a changing in my appeal to certain things but i digress, I will give credit to the people that do them though it can be tough to run I have been a part of a few panels over the years of my convention tenure.

The Cosplay contest this year was pretty exciting amidst the drama that happened after the winners were announced but it is not my place to go into what happened with that as it had been handled by the convention staff, but there were pretty amazing cosplays entered in that blew my mind, this was actually my second time ever going to see the contest itself I usually find that time to go and see artists alley or the dealer room as it is not as crowded with most of the attendees watching the contest, and I kick myself for not going sooner to see it I wish I had in the past. I get impressed with every cosplay that I see everyone work very hard on and wish that I had at least a little bit of their skill, with my self also being a cosplayer too.

Overall this year was pretty exciting and I am liking the new venue over the previous one, it seems more spacious than the Marriot DTC was, I like the spot that it is at being in the middle of Downtown Denver there’s so much outside of the convention to go and see and flock to after the con hours, I liked this year and hope that it continues to grow and mature more like it has before my eyes for the passed 8 years. Thank you for another exciting and fun year Nan Desu Kan.

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