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Nan Desu Kan 2016 Model Kit Show

Nan Desu Kan 2016 Model Kit Show

Before I would like to say that I am a huge fan of the series Mobile Suit Gundam and of the side stories that has came from it, I am a very big Gunpla enthusiast and build my own kits and paint them as well. for those of you that do not know the term Gunpla, it is referencing to the model kits that are based upon the Mobile Suit Gundam world. I have myself completed almost 20 kits in varying difficulty ranges. I have yet to complete an intricate diorama at all and I envy anyone that has the patience for that I have seen very very many incredible ones over the years. This though brings us to why we are here! I had the privilege to see all of the amazing work that was shown at this years Nan Desu Kan in Denver. I am a huge fan of one of the factions from the original series called the Principality of Zeon, there was definitely a lot of love for them this year at the model show!

there were also several contestants that built quite a few pieces for a contest on how well they built there particular Gunpla piece I will update this as soon as I can if I am able to obtain the list of winners of the said contest!

so what I’m going to do is go through all of the pictures here and tell you all a little bit about each of them and how I felt about each of the builds! hope you all enjoy and please come back for more info on the winners when i obtain that information!


Had to capture this picture of the Mobile Suit named Acguy from the UC timeline


There were quite a few Destroids and Battle Pods from Macross as well with the Gundam Gunpla!


one of my favorites that I came across I love this build they did! the Zaku looks very weathered like it was returning from a battle in the desert. I want to say since the coloring and the base that it is sitting on that this is the desert type Zaku II


a closer angle at the Zaku II diorama build


among the other various minis behind this Gunpla kit, is the Bearguy this came from another one of my favorite Gundam series that was a newer one to come out called Build Fighters, it is a series completely based on a bunch of kids making their own custom Gunpla and battling with them! hence is where the Bearguy came from it was a custom kit made in the show that stuck with it in both seasons of the series definitely worth checking out if you love Gunpla as well!!



here is a few of the builds that were entered into the Model show this year they did a pretty good job a few of them stood out more I feel though

20160903_095708 20160903_095702


a few more builds within the Gunpla contest! alot of these are really amazing! there is a little bit of Zoids love in there too!

20160903_095632 20160903_095641

this build really stood out to me the most this is the RX-0(N) Gundam Banshee from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn really incredible build! they had a button that you could push and a lot of the midsections of the suit lit up! Even they eyes had a nice gold glow to them! I was really excited when i saw this, I was with one of the other editors here on the site in that room and he was poking fun at how excited I was for it!


This was a fun one to shoot I had to time this shot to a “T” this was a really well built kit of the original RX-78 from the series that started it all, I had to time this because the creator had the kit sitting on a rotating plate to show off all the details of the whole kit! excellent job on this even though its from the Feddies 😉


In Japan there is a magazine showing off a lot of excellent builds, tutorials and upcoming Gunpla releases I was amazed at how many they had collected! I myself have only one sadly from Gundam Wing definitely worth a look over if you ever come across them, if you’re an avid builder you won’t need to know Japanese to understand what is in them.


This is probably one of the oldest kits that were in the room this is most likely from the early 80’s when the model kits were first coming out there was no difficulty range back then on the kits they were all glue together pieces which is why the hands are the way they are and why it looks so blocky amazing for it’s age though this kit is atleast almost 30 years old


this would be the mother of all mothers this my friends is the PERFECT GRADE Zaku II this is the absolute highest in difficulty ranges and I would recommend atleast have a few master grades under your belt before you ever even attempt to try and put together this master piece of a kit, there is so many posable opportunities with this kit with all of the articulation you can get from it. there is an entire endo skeleton under all of the armor pieces and the entire kit is glue together pieces with wiring for the amazing glowing cyclops eye piece.

20160903_095552 20160903_095547

I loved and squeed over all of the Zeon Zaku II love that was going on there I want to say there was almost every iteration of the Zaku II on display here it was incredible

20160903_095541 20160903_095538 20160903_095531

this here compared to a master grade Zaku II (1/100th Scale) was the mega size which is 1/48th scale in comparison to it still with about the same amount of articulation as the the kit that was next to it but still its colossal!


here we have all of the iterations of the Master Grade Zaku II kits with the oldest on the left as a non grade from 1979!!! all the way to the current version of the 2.0 on the right from 2008

20160903_095455 20160903_095451

some more Zeon love with one of my utmost favorite of all kits The MS-08E Kaempfer(German for warrior), this was the custom version though from Build Fighters Try called the Kaempfer Amazing


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