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Nan Desk Kan 2016 Review

Nan Desk Kan 2016 Review

Nan Desu Kan is the largest anime convention in Colorado. Celebrating their 20th year, the convention took place Sept 2nd-4th over the Labor Day weekend and 2016 also marks the 2nd year in their new hotel location in the Sheraton Denver Downtown. The hotel sits right on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver which has its Pros and Cons.
A few of the Pros are the proximity to public transport such as the Light Rail and even the Free Mall Ride on the 16th Street mall, which makes it easy to get back and forth from the Light Rail, and the number of restaurants within walking distance is probably my favorite Pro.
As for the Cons, the biggest one would probably be the fact that downtown is already hard enough to navigate on a normal day, but NDK happens to take place over Labor Day weekend and is only a few blocks away from the annual Taste of Colorado, which a fair with food vendors, artists, and outdoor concert. This tends to make getting around Downtown and finding parking even harder than it normally would be, but this is where the Public Transportation options come in handy. If you can avoid driving, or at least having to park downtown, i highly recommend it.

I didn’t see any issues with organization or security. The staff that i interacted with were well-informed and if they couldn’t answer my questions they usually could point me to the right person. This year i was not able to attend any panels myself but there was a lot of excitement around the con for a few Guests and Panels such as Johnny Yong Bosch the Black Power Ranger and frontman for the band Eyeshine, as well as the panel for Shinichiro Wantanabe and Dai Sato who both worked on “Cowboy Bebop”. The organization for the panel line, AMV Contest, and Cosplay Contest were all managed nicely to keep the people waiting from blocking off hallways or restricting traffic.

The Dealers Room consisted of the usual fare of snacks, figures, wall scrolls, keychains/charms, plushies, prop weapons, and DVDs. Since the move to the new hotel last year the addition of vendors selling wigs, kigus, and clothing vendors has added to the . The Artist Alley also tends to have a few staples each year such as art prints, but there is always something new each year, which makes checking it out a requirement lest you miss out on something cool.

Normally i would have a nice photo gallery of cosplay pictures for you here, but due to a catastrophic camera failure on the last day I lost almost all the pictures taken during the con with the exception of the Cosplay Contest, which you can see here.

The AMV contest this year was a lot of fun. It’s always interesting to see the creative combinations people come up with when making their AMVs.

Here are the winners for the AMV Contest. I was not able to find most of the AMV’s online so it’s just the list at this time.
Action/Adventure: Edible Annihilation – Kisanzi
Drama/Romance: Unstopable – Maboroshi, MomtoCutiePia
Fun/Upbeat: Just Funkin Dandy – Shin
Comedy/Parody: Koku’s Rage – Farm
Category X: Sans titre – Cmoididi
Video Game Video: Been to Hell – Kiriforce
Best Local: Lessons I’ve Learned – Moonpie
Editor’s Choice Best In Show: Sans titre – Cmoididi
Audience Choice Best In Show: Edible Annihilation – Kisanzi
Legends: RedHerring (test type 00) – Qwaqa
Iron Chef: Mamo!

I’ve been attending NDK for over 10 years at this point and the new hotel last year definitely improved the convention over the previous year, and this year they were a little more familiar with the layout and were able to better prepare for the con as well.

If you want to share your experience at NDK 2016, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us on our Facebook Page.

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