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MW3 June DLC Review

Infinity Ward has changed things up this month with the DLC content for the Premium Elite subscriber and it seems to have the gaming community in a bit of an uproar. Previous installments included multiplayer maps coupled with spec ops missions and last month a freebie and new game mode, however that is not the case with this latest installment. This Elite drop came as a surprise to the gaming community, as it was prefaced with rampant speculation due to the leaked images found in the PlayStation 3 1.15 update files.

This months installment is 3 new face of maps Intersection, U-turn & Vortex along with a new Spec Ops mission, Arctic Recon. Intersection is a two block section in New York neighborhood, there is plenty of cover in this map. With multiple vantage points both above and below the horizon promotes a player to take up a strategic assault position in one of the many storefronts that are in this map, with the only vertical vantage point on the southwest side of the map. The spawn locations on this map actually provide adequate cover prior to engaging in combat with your enemy. I rate this map 7 out of 10


U-turn is a small section of highway littered with vehicles both military and civilian surrounded by burning oilfields in the backdrop. This map is actually quite a disappointment and is poorly designed, the spawn locations leave you out in the open and are extremely predictable. I’m not going to rate this map for the shear fact that it’s utter garbage. Moving on.


Vortex is a visually stunning map and is reminiscent of the MW2 map Overgrown, in the background looms a menacing tornado but do not let this be your focal point. With very few vertical vantage points and multiple flank routes this map supports an aggressive assault style of game play. There is only one building on this map that can be used as cover and if you spend your time in there waiting to pounce on your prey, Infinity Ward has provided suitable like-minded companions for you as you are in the chicken coop. I rate this map 9 out of 10


I have had the pleasure of reviewing ever installment of dlc and have to say that I am rather disappointed with this months content. This is the first time that the content was changed from what was originally projected for the month of June. The original drops was set to be a spec ops mission , multiplayer map and a classified item. Unfortunately this was not the case and left many of my fellow gamers hoping that next months release will make up for the lack of variety in this dlc drop.

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