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MW3 Elite Content: Sanctuary & Foundation Review

Two maps were released yesterday to the Premium Elite subscribers. This content came with very little announcement, probably due to the recent staff changes that took place at Infinity Ward/ Activision.

Sanctuary is a monastery set in the mountains of Greece. The natural rock pillars formed from sandstone and the color and texture of the map, not to mention the picturesque views of the surrounding the monastery are true artwork. The design of the architecture and landscape is enough to have the serious gamer admiring the surrounding and leave the casual gamer in a sense of awe and wonder. Sanctuary is a medium-sized map with long lines of sight along the perimeters, all the while combining close-quarter-combat zones without making the map feel too cluttered. Do not let the stunning visual aesthetics of this map divert your attention from your main objective!

Foundation is a decommissioned concrete factory in the heart of South Korea. This map has multiple vantage points with varying lines of sight, both medium and long range. The towering concrete crusher sets the scene in the middle of the map and is surrounded by smaller machinery and concrete forms scattered about for cover. There are a multitude of ambush points on this map, keep in mind that a seasoned gamer will not fall for the same trick twice so a stationary assault strategy is not to stat friendly, so keep it moving or be prepared to receive the vengeance at the hands of the recently vanquished foe.

I am very pleased with the design and flow of these maps and the attention to detail, both large and small. I give this recently released content a 9.5 out of 10.

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