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MW3 Content Collection 2 Review

The Season of Content brought to you by Activision will release their second collection on May 22. This collection of content is the largest as of yet, with a total of 3 standard multiplayer maps, 4 “ mini maps “ for the new game mode 1v1 or 2v2 game play, and 2 Spec Ops missions. We start our journey with the two maps released last month to the Premium Elite Subscribers, Sanctuary and Foundation. Both of these maps are equally enjoyable and suitable for all game modes available to the gaming community.

The third map in this content release is Oasis, set in Dubai at a ritzy hotel and resort in the United Arab Emirates. This map is the first that I have noticed where the environment is pristine, almost sterile, and does not mimic the bomb riddled dilapidated war zone that I am accustomed to. A clean and crisp map, with a very detail-orientated texture is a pleasing change of pace. Oasis is a large map that looks to be suitable for all the game modes that MW3 has to offer. The one thing that makes this map so different from the rest is the water hazard that surrounds a good portion of the map and it is certain death if you decide to go for a dip.

A new multiplayer playlist will be introduced in this content collection called Face Off. This game mode is scaled down to 1v1 and 2v2 combat theaters on 4 maps; 2 of which( Erosion & Aground )are actually a first-time freebie from Activision\Infinity Ward. The other two maps that will feature the new game mode are Lookout and Getaway. Face Off features both Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed matches either on a 1v1 or 2v2 combat arena. Gone are the days of private matches to establish a player’s superiority or skill level over another as now you can do this in an environment where the stats are actually recorded and viable.

Lookout is a forward observation post in the mountains of Afghanistan. This map is littered with small hills and multiple bunkers in which to seek cover. There are also rooftops that are accessible for a better vantage point, catering to both the aggressive or strategic combat styles.


Getaway is a beach house on the Brazilian coast. Almost 80% of this beach house is transparent glass walls, which leaves the furniture for cover and last that I checked, couches, counters and chairs are far from bulletproof. So, a stationary combat style is not the best approach when playing on this map. One is far better using the foliage for cover on the map’s perimeter.

The ruins on the map Erosion make this a very close-quarter combat arena. This map will present a challenge for combatants to not only be aware of their immediate surroundings, but also to pay attention to the versatility of this map as it mimics Piazza.

Aground takes place in Scotland on a fractured shipwreck that has long since been abandoned. This map is very different from the others as there are long lines of sight that will be very advantageous to the accomplished sniper. There is not one safe spot on the map to set up camp as there are multiple flank routs that a stealthy combatant could use to their advantage.

Two Spec Op missions are included in this content collection, Iron Clad and Kill Switch. Both Spec Op missions can be played cooperatively or singularly and are equally enjoyable engagements. Kill Switch is a cooperative combat engagement, you and your partner are tasked to infiltrate a Russian communications station and detonate an on-site EMP. One player takes the role of the cover sniper on an overlooking bridge and the other is on foot in the compound in search of the EMP.Iron Clad places you in the streets of Hamburg, Germany; clearing the path for a tank with C4. As you move thru this op you will have to engage multiple combatants armed with RPG’s. As well, you will have to also discourage the occasional suicide bomber before they reach the tank.This latest installment of maps, Spec Ops and a new multiplayer playlist is a welcome addition and I give it a 10 out of 10 for content, quality and variety.

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