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Motorbike Review

Motorbike is a action-puzzle game where the player maneuvers a motorcycle through obstacle-filled levels similar to the game Trials. In-fact this game is essentially a clone of the successful Trials games. Unfortunately Motorbike suffers from an unpolished visuals, mediocre controlling, and a lack of dept overall. While Motorbike offers plenty of levels and several additional features such a co-op an a level editor, these features do not justify the game’s hefty price-tag.

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While there is some enjoyment of conquering a level, many are simply frustrating due to the horrible obstacles contained in each level. Each tracks is filled with objects such as rocks and boxes that have an overdue weight to them. You simply should not have to struggle so hard to make it past objects such as simple wooden boxes. The gameplay doesn’t feel as smooth as Trials. In Trials you have a great sense of control and landing, with each move on the bike seamlessly connecting together.  In Motorbike you often aimlessly move in the air with no cue on how to land properly. When you fail in Motorbike a ridiculous rag-doll animation often occurs. You are force to wait a bit too long for your to biker crash in slow-motion before the level restarts. The level should restart seamlessly when you crash.

There are 80 levels in Motorbike, with an additional 40 exclusive levels offered with PSN version of the game. There are four seasons in the game, with the levels rotating throughout the four seasons. The levels simply feel bland and unpolished. The visuals are sub-par, with the graphics looking like this is a game from the previous generation. The background and scenery are especially horrendous. The menu you manevuour through this game is incredibly generic, as if it were just a placeholder menu until someone works on a better one. Visually the game feels unfinished,  not a completed product ready to be sold.
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The game has a co-op feature that is hardly spectacularly. It plays very similarly to the single player version of the game. Like the rest of the game, there’s hardly any reason to player the multiplayer as it lacks features and feels unfinished. The multiplayer feels like it was added just for the sake of adding multiplayer so they can added another bullet-point to the list of features. If you really felt like it, you could spend your days creating levels in user-editor, although your going to have a dull experience with the unfriendly interface.

I have compared Motorbike to Trials often simply because the Trials series is the pinnacle of this genre. Trials and its sequels are nearly flawless in the execution of this type of gameplay. Motorbike is charging the same exact price as Trials ($15). This is simply not a good deal for the mediocre gameplay and level design you encounter in Motorbike. You would be better off enjoying Trials for the same price, and at this point Trials may be even cheaper than Motorbike.

Final Score: 4/10

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