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Monster Loves You Review


Monster Loves You is a text based adventure game where you control the actions of a monster through three stages of its life. The gameplay is very simple and the story is player driven. The game is impeccably short and does not have much content. This review will seem short, like my DLC Quest review but it is hard to write an 800 word review on a 2 hour game. Unless I have something bad to say about it and it then becomes my Homefront review. However, this is not the case as Monster Loves You is a quirky game with many positives.

You progress the story the way you want to. You control the main monster making his way up in the monster world. Your choices drastically change your personality and how certain scenarios play out. It is a coming of age story built by you, the player. At first, I thought this idea was too simple. Then I saw how many endings you can get and after playing through just one arc, this game is way more sophisticated than it looks.

The lack of graphics is kind of a bummer as I was expecting some kind of Spore-esque evolution happening depending on what stats you are increasing. Sadly this is not the case and you just have a standard background with portraits of different m0nsters. So kids, you will have to read. I know that will be difficult with how everything is shortened to one letter. This is a game that uses old school game mechanics, think of Zork in terms of being a text heavy game. While this is not terrible, it is sort of a downer due to how the game plays.

The variety of choices you make to handle problems defines what your monster becomes. In many cases you will need more bravery or honesty to be successful at actions while others will need you to be more devious and have ferocity. Each stat has a rating that can be increased or decreased. Maxing a rating can be very beneficial but not always the best course of action as increasing a stat can lower another. Choice that do not use a stat rating to complete use a dice roll.

This game is really, really short. This has to be the biggest downfall but the replay value is rather high because of all the endings. In summation, this is a game that is worth playing despite the few faults it has. The variety of endings and the large amount of choices to make when handling certain situations sets this game apart from other games on Steam these days. I give Monster Loves You an 8/10.

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