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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: US Release?

Since the release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP in June 2009 and the release of Monster Hunter 3 Tri on the Wii in April 2010, the US has seen very little in the terms of a new Monster Hunter game. But meanwhile Japan has received several installments the series that have been both insanely popular and in high demand here in the states. These include Monster Hunter Frontier on the Xbox 360 and PC, Monster Hunter 3G on the Nintendo 3DS, the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS, and the popular Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the Sony PSP and PS3.

Dating back to December of 2010 the official facebook page for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd claimed that a US patch was in the works. Almost two years later nothing has come of it and people are still demanding more US releases for the series. Capcom has yet to release any new official statements on the game or any patches for that matter which is in my opinion incredibly upsetting. The only hopeful tid bit that has been shown is a TBA release for Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS for the US. But all things considered this is still not what we are looking for at the time being.

Japan has released an HD remakes collection edition for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PS3, so technically we can play the game here in the states without a patch or imported console. But it still appears to be in Japanese, making the game play very difficult due to the massive amount of reading, menu’s, and other such options the player needs to understand to truly “play” the game. Well personally, Im hoping for a future release for the US somewhere down the road although that may be getting my hopes up and nothing more. With fingers crossed I will be updating the situation if anything new comes about.

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  1. Anonymous says
    March 25, 2013, 9:56 AM

    us needs monster hunter for the ps3


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