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Modern Warfare 3 DLC #1 Review

On January 24th, the first of many DLC contents for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released. This is the first of multiple map packs of the 9 month Modern Warfare 3 DLC campaign. Alongside a 5MB update that addresses performance issues with weapons and abilities, the DLC content is available first for Premium Elite subscribers, while the rest of the COD Community will be able to purchase this and other content packs sometime in late-March. The 2 maps that were released are “Liberation” and “Piazza”, and I’ll touch on them now.

Liberation is set in Central Park within New York, and this map is a sniper’s dream come true. The wide-open spaces and long shooting lanes will appeal to both snipers and those that like to cuddle up next to a fire while they nestle up with their assault rifle. The aesthetic quality of this map is visually stunning and the geography of the map is well designed, not too mention the color scheme challenges your visual acuity. This map supports the gameplay style of the “hunter”. So Run & Gunners…it’s time to learn a new strategy as you will find yourself spending most of your time watching the Kill Cam.

For team play, this map offers a banquet of challenges to keep your skills sharp. From the small central underground area that will shelter one from airborne killstreaks, to the ability it gives your adversary the opportunity to ambush your departure from your strategic assault position i.e. “camping spot “. This map supports team objective style gameplay of which the likes that I have not seen since Modern Warfare 2’s map “Fuel”.
The objective team games will benefit from the mini-guns that are found on the two ends of the map and when used effectively they will keep the enemy forces at a comfortable distance. However, spend too much time at this bullet-chucker and you will find yourself flat on your back courtesy of a well-placed sniper shot. The strategy on this map is that regardless of the game-type that you’re playing, be mindful of the open areas near the fountain and gazebo as you are seen from multiple angles. Motion sensors, Ghillie suits and silencers will be the mainstay of the accomplished gamer to ensure one’s survival.

Piazza is set in an inclined village on the coast of Italy and this is not the vacation that you hoped it would be. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit around and sip your espresso while you soak up the early morning rays, this is not the place to do it. This map is designed for very fast-paced, close-quarter, in-your-face gameplay. There is not one place on this map that you can kick back and wait for the next victim as there are multiple routes to the same destination, so campers beware. This is one of the few maps that will make even the most seasoned veteran keep paying close attention to detail and keep their head on a swivel.

I think that not only will the objective game-types thrive on this map as it is balanced well, but it will also add an additional level of challenge to those that enjoy playing Kill Confirmed and Free-for-All. Search & Destroy and Sabotage could definitely put your skill to the test, as your survival can either lead up to an epic stand or a frustrating firefight that will test the resolve of those stat mongers who rage at the first sight of adversity. Just a couple of suggestions that might help you survive the onslaught of combatants: Scavenger and a Motion Sensor combined with a silenced weapon to keep the “Red Dot hunters” at bay.

Matchmaking in the DLC maps does offer just a little bit of difficulty to the gaming experience as at this time the content is available to Elite Premium subscribers. So think of it this way… when the DLC content will be available to the rest of the gaming community the streets will be littered with bodies similar to Christmas n00b hunting.


Piazza – 7 out of 10

Liberation – 9.5 out of 10

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