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Miracle Train


             Miracle Train is a reverse harem anime. Obviously being a reverse harem, it is aimed towards the female audience; which in my opinion doesn’t happen as often as it should. The regular 12 episode anime proves to be not much more than a fan service anime for women/ girls.

                In the first half of the series, the episodes start out with the tale of the Oedo line in Tokyo and the legend of the miracle train. There are a total of 21 stops on the Oedo line at the current time in Japan. This anime focuses on the major stations along this line, leading to the male cast of the series. Most of the show consists of an episode for each male character with the same story of a troubled female wonders onto the train because they are supposed to solve her problems. Let’s keep in mind that they don’t know they are boarding the miracle train until they actually get on, and then can’t leave until their problem is solved. Of course every episode consists of them going on an adventure to solve the woman’s problem and by the end of the day the girl has fallen in love with a train station.

                The girls aren’t completely in the wrong though in my opinion, because almost every personality type is in this series, you almost always get attached to one of the characters. Luckily the light air of this anime makes everything in the anime quite funny and enjoyable as if you were hanging out with your best friend.

                Granted all the characters do have their own unique personalities that identify them for who they are and what their stations represent. With every episode being focused on a different character, you begin to wonder, who is the main character of the series? Which is not revealed until the remaining 2 or 3 episodes when station Roppongi is discovered to have a much darker past and secret than what we are leaded to believe. Telling that he was the main character was very difficult given he doesn’t have any major roles after the first episode. The of course after being suspicious of the conductor the entire series you find out he is a bad guy and the cute little girl on the train is actually a hot woman with deeper connections to Roppongi than thought.

                The end of this series gets really dark given its light nature throughout the series. Like all good anime it has a happy ending. You don’t expect certain characters to have the relationships they do, and you don’t expect the outcome of certain actions by the cast. As it does get predictable about half way through the end, it was nice to have the bit of suspense for a bit especially if you get attached to the characters as I did.

                Like most fan service anime, this show has every kind of character to be attracted to. If a girl doesn’t find her ideal personality in this show, she must have a very odd sense of taste. Being a girl, I did like the series, but I did wish for more content than what was given. A more base story line would’ve been a good add on to the series or if they had made it longer so as to introduce all the characters and then do more with them so as to not rush the story at the end. Again though, I did like it, I am one of those female anime fans that I will watch reverse harem anime just for the hot men. (Who aren’t taken or gay)

                I would not recommend this anime for people who like more story in their anime, because given how little story is in this, it would not be suitable. Although, if you are one of those people who like to watch an anime for the funnies or for the fan service, this would be a good anime to watch. Again I liked it, but that is because I like this kind of anime and do tend to seek it out.

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