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Mini Ninjas iOS: Mini Review

Once upon a time gaming was anchored to the motherboard of a desktop computer. But today tablet and mobile gaming is beginning to emulate AAA console titles, perhaps not in terms of depth of gameplay, but certainly in terms of choice. One of the most popular genres is the endless runner, for some the perfect way to kill the morning commute – well for me anyway!

An example of a title that made the jump from console to mobile is Mini Ninjas, which is out now on iPad and iPhone for less than a dollar. With any endless runner there’s little need to explain the premise. Collect coins, avoid obstacles – in this instance with several of the cute Mini Ninja characters from the XBLA title. Smooth controls make it easy to pick up and play, and there are a few extras that help to make Mini Ninjas stand out, such as special abilities that each of the four playable characters can use, such as a devastating hurricane that thrusts your forward through the levels.


And it is the levels themselves that make this endless runner noteworthy. The graphics are some of the nicest we’ve seen on an endless runner. You’ll run through day time fields and wintery forests as you collect coins and unlock captured ninjas and animals. Square Enix have clearly put time in to the presentation of the game, even the menu screens look just as pristine as the gameplay.

With your coins you can unlock costumes and potions, although these don’t change the gameplay they do add an incentive to keep playing. Of course you can purchase these costumes with real world money if you’re desperate for the Monk suit. It’s a well-polished title, that is fun and cute, and will keep you entertained on the train and even add a new incentive to that commute, “After all this work, how about a trip to Japan!”

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