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Minecraft Review


Minecraft is a lot like twitter; some of you are probably addicted and beyond salvation, and some of you don’t see why everyone is wasting their time on it. Whats unspecified is the number of people who hate it but never tried it, like me and my fear of broccoli, for instance. The difference here is that while broccoli is disgusting and vile, Minecraft is a really fun game.

Your fun begins here.


At it’s heart, Minecraft is a game about survival. During the day, you search for resources and find food. However, you also must spend time on building a small hole to hide in, because once the sun goes down, Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and the infamous Creepers come out and try to eat you. Your days are usually spent mining for resources and hiding from/fighting monsters during the night.


Once you’ve built yourself a good home and acquired some weapons and armor, the real fun begins. What keeps people coming back to play Minecraft is the freedom to craft, or build, almost anything that tickles their fancy. The things I’ve seen created in Minecraft will absolutely blow your mind. Castles, Malls(I mean like giant,  spacious buildings for buying and selling), Mansions, even a Godzilla-sized Mario, all made with nothing more than various blocks. The fact that people even attempted these things will make your jaw drop.

You have no idea how much this made my day.

Of course, some of you like some meat with your potatoes. The sheer variety of the customization factors should keep people crafting for a good chunk of time. There are texture packs that change the blocks, the look of your crafting items, and even the enemies. If you also enjoy more personal touches, there also lots of customizable skins for your Minecraft Avatar.


Once you ready, you can also visit the two parallel worlds, The Nether and The End. The Nether is basically Hell, with stronger monsters and no sunlight to save you. The End, is Minecraft’s Endgame. After assembling a portal with some rather hard-to-find materials, you earn the opportunity to face the Ender Dragon, Minecraft’s final boss. Be warned, however, because the only way out of The Nether is death, and killing the Ender Dragon will take some time.

Welcome to The End


The biggest problem in Minecraft isn’t the game, per se, it’s the Griefers. Now, remember kiddies, griefing(intentionally being a dick) is bad, There are two reasons this happens in Minecraft: You are yourself a dick, or your just really unlucky. Twice I’ve built a house on my favorite server. Twice I’ve asked a mod to protect it for me, and they told me they would get right on it. And twice  I’ve logged back on to an empty house and a looted chest, including my Redstone, which is both extremely rare and necessary for the more mechanical creations.

Don't play with fire, kiddies

Another problem is there is no in-game tutorial. If you bought this based only the reviews from your friends, you will absolutely have no idea what to do. Remember, outside of The End, there really isn’t much of a main objective other than survive. Which you won’t do, because you didn’t know that you can’t fight a Creeper with a stick.

Minecraft is a great game. The crafting is fun, the creations you can make are amazing, and the customization is a great draw. However, you will have to put up with a few butthole players, and dying a lot once you make your first world. But that shouldn’t stop you. Minecraft has over 3,00,000 downloads for a reason, the reasons just might be different to you.

9 “OMG WTF HOW DID HE MAKE THAT”‘s out of 10.

Notice: Minecraft for 360 releases in May. If I play it and notice any big changes, I’ll note them here. Otherwise, this is the definitive review.

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