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Medal of Honor Warfighter Review

Medal of Honor Warfighter is the sequel to 2010’s self titled, Medal of Honor and follows the basis of all FPS games with little to show for it. The game although not bad by any means, did nothing to grab my attention outside of the fact that several military personnel were suspended recently for consulting on the making of this game. The game itself is loosely based on a true story. You do develop an emotional connection to a few characters within the story which added a nice layer of depth that is often not present in FPS games. The plus side is the game is visually beautiful. Warfighter is run off of the Frostbite engine, the same engine that Battlefield 3 uses so it will look very familiar to some gamers.

So first off, one of the biggest downsides to the game is its cut and dry campaign. 5 hours of your typical wait for the enemy to pop up from behind cover shooting genre with nothing really interesting to break up the bore. With the occasional vehicle scene, or chase down the enemy which you will be hard pressed to fail due to the fact that the enemy will actually stop and wait if you fall behind most of the time, and then switching to breaching a door and slow mo headshot your way to victory. That’s literally the whole game. Sad but true.


The highlights are definitely defined by the Frostbite engine graphics and environmental feel that the player will see and experience. Sites and sounds are beautiful and very realistic for the most part. Every weapon feels and sounds like they were all fired right in front of you. The cut scenes within warfighter look as if they were taken from a movie. The downside to these is that the story line is slightly confusing featuring flashbacks switching to present time then going to a flashback within a flashback…ya. And the whole them of putting the pieces of the main characters life back together as he is butchering enemies is kind of lost in the shuffle.

The online multiplayer was frustrating and empty. Spawn camping seemed to be one of the largest issues, as the spawn points were few and far between and in some cases in clear site of the entire map. The map lay out was simply stupid, and led to so much unethical tactics that never worked I wanted to pull my hair out. Being on the Frostbite engine as it is I was beyond disappointed with the online experience. Quite honestly you’re far better of sticking with other games for a good online session.

Overall there isn’t much good to say about Warfighter. It’s a mediocre campaign experience that was confusing, short, and dull. The online was atrocious and frustrating with little variety in the game types. I highly recommend if you want to give this a try to rent it instead of purchase it as you can easily beat the entire game within a day. As for fans of the FPS online experience, stick to Call of Duty or Battlefield or even Halo. 4.5 out of 10. Happy gaming everyone.

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