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Max Payne 3 Review

After several unexpected delays, Max Payne 3 is gracing consoles and, in my humble opinion, is performing quite satisfactory. In other words, yes, this game is very, very fun. Though I have to admit, if you have the money, it  would be very wise of you to purchase Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne for you to fully understand what caused Max’s downfall in the beginning of entry number three. Both are available on Xbox Live for $20, and well the worth the time and money spent. But your here for Max Payne 3, aren’t you? Let’s focus on that.

The game opens with Max giving one of his trademark monologues before retracing his steps as to how he’s arrived there, beginning with his arrival in the fictional city of Sao Paulo. Max has arrived at what alcoholics call ‘Rock Bottom’, or the point where you life could not get any worse. How  Max got there, I won’t spoil for you, because it’ll will have much more of an effect on you if you experience it for yourself(However, if you must know, here is how it started). While guzzling beer in a bar, he is met by an old friend, Raul Passos. After a brief shootout( It was New Jersey, after all), He offers Max a job work security for the Branco family. Not long after he takes this deal, Fabiana, wife of eldest Branco Rodrigo, is kidnapped, and Max and Raul(Mostly Max) take it upon themselves to rescue her.

In case your wondering, this game does not dick around, Enemies will not hesitate to drop you if you give them the chance, even flanking and using grenades to force you out of cover. Plenty of Bullet Time and Shootdodging( That nifty feature where you dive and time slows down around you) is needed if you would like to survive. Get comfortable in that campaign too, because many of the achievements will require repeat playthroughs, especially if you want the Hardcore/New York Minute achievements and Deathmatch characters. Not that this is a problem: the campaign is amazing and well worth the price of admission. Just make sure you make your playsessions last, as the loading screens can be a tad ludicrous, with the game sometimes just randomly freezing, though it doesn’t happen very often.

Graphical-wise, The game itself is very pretty, with lots of attention to detail. Foliage is lush, headshots leave holes in peoples cranium’s, and little nods to previous Max Payne games are ever present. No continuity errors either.  Max gave up smoking at the beginning of MP1 because of his newborn. Even though his life is basically shit now, he still does not touch a single smoke in the game. Weapon Switching is also interesting. Max can hold two small and one large weapon. He can duel wield, but to do so, he must drop his large one. Weapon management is very important.

Don’t expect this Max right away. He doesn’t show up until Disc 2.

Love it or hate it, Max Payne 3 multiplayer is here. Yes, it is fun…as long as the people around you are of the same level. When you first begin playing Rookie Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, it’s fun, because all of you are on the same skill level, and all of you are on equal terms. That changes as soon as you enter the regular game modes.Until you reach level 40, where most of the good weapons are located, expect to fail your first few matches. A bit of weapon balance in the future would be appreciated, as the sniper rifle is a one shot kill wherever your shot, and RPGs…well, honestly there is zero need for RPGs in a game with no vehicles to shoot, so just imagine the pointless edge they give players in multiplayer.

As a singular experience, Max Payne 3 is amazing. As a multipersonal experience…it’s fun, but ultimately could be better. If the sniper rifles are toned down, and multiplayer painkillers are removed(They serve no purpose other than delaying a kill), than it would be a great, unique experience for all the Call of Battlefield:Modern Homefronts of the world. Take it with a grain of salt, and you won’t be disappointed.

9.5 unbalanced snipers out of 10

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