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Mass Effect trilogy



Hey, it’s Noxx Hollow and as per an agreement made with the powers that be aka my boss, I am allowed to review any game of my choice…. ok well, it’s partially due to the fact that I myself am on a sort of vacation so this type of review was the absolute best course of action (fufufufu). But anyway enough about me having the master plan; I’m here with the entire Mass Effect Trilogy, the way this review is going to work is that every section has three subsections in which I talk about ME1 through ME3 then there will be a special section where I will talk about the DLC and without further rambling on about absolutely nothing here is Mass Effect Trilogy.


  • Mass Effect: The game is set in the year 2183 CE, 35 years after the human race has achieved real space travel. The story begins with Commander Shepard male or female is aboard the SSV Normandy SR-1 a prototype of the ‘Deep Scout’ project where the frigate is outfitted with a one of a kind cloaking system piloted by Captain David Anderson. The Normandy is an all human ship (Even though she was made with turian technology) to be a symbol that humanity is ready for that big jump and that we can handle our own. Humans are seen as radical, overly hostile with a lack of intelligence, and worst of all tenacious (And to give the aliens credit we kind of are)The Normandy cost an obscene amount of money and is seen as a complete waste of it, although it is the most technologically advanced thing in any fleet (It’s also an out maneuver just about ship in the galaxy). You are sent on a so called routine mission to recover alien technology, more specifically a Prothean beacon (A long sense extinct race of aliens that were said to be the most technologically advanced civilization as well as the reason why the advances in technology within this time period has increased so rapidly). To top off this ‘routine mission’ a spectre is accompanying you (A spectre is a highly trained soldier chosen by the council to operate outside the law to enforce the law; it’s actually a particularly smart system). This spectre is a Turian (a race known for military customs) is to make sure you actually get the beacon without any fuck ups.Despite all your best efforts you lose a team member by force only to gain the real squad mate named Ashely a human commando whose talent is pointing gun A at victim B then shoot to put them into ground C. Along the way you get a scene where your spectre meets one of his spectre buddies named Saren Arterius who proceeds to kill your spectre in cold blood. You soon find out that Saren is working with the attackers known as the Geth, a machine race that rebelled against their creators the Quirens. Just because the beacon is destroyed it beams disturbing images into your head about some sort of invasion (I will skip over what most of this is to avoid spoilers). Anyway, long story short you basically get ranked up into the first human Spectre to track down Saren and discover his plot with the Geth; along the way you’ll encounter a number of different crew mates all with different talents and abilities to utilize


  • Mass Effect 2: I’m going to assume you know exactly what the alien races are because this is the second game so I won’t be explaining too much on them as in the ME1. Anyway, fast forward to mass effect two and the SSV Normandy SR-1 is attacked and destroyed within the cold vacuum of space most of your crew survives but here’s the twist you die aboard saving Jorker’s cripple ass. Skip passed two years and you have been brought back to life by the radical group Cerberus to serve the elusive man.The illusive man informs you that a race of crickets alien named the collectors are abducting humans from their outer colonies for unknown reasons, so it is your job to find out exactly the reason the disappearance. Along the way you recruit an asari justice looking for a wanted criminal, a drell assassin who’s dying from a disease, a tank bread krogan, a highly dangerous criminal known as subject zero and many more. It really gets serious when you discover the collectors are working for the reapers and their home world is through an omega relay that would be little more than a suicide mission. You go through hell and back not only the suicide mission, but your crewmates back stories and problems to ensure they all survive good luck


  • Mass Effect 3:  Six months after the suicide mission (assuming you survived) the reaper invasion has begun to complete the cycle of extinction. Old friends and new ones join with you  to stop the reapers, but this time you’ll need more than just you and two squad members you’ll have to travel around the galaxy and unit bitter rivals getting them all to systematically work together to stop the mass genocide of every sentient species  in the galaxy. The reapers aren’t the only ones against you, your old employers Cerberus are gunning for you hide (for reasons I cannot share due to spoilers)


Characters: This is a section I can combine from every game as I have the same things to say about the entire cast spanning from the first to the third. I love them all every last one of them has their own problems, some are only following you out of necessity some are loyal to you solely but all of them have their own unique personalities. Depending on your actions within the game itself each crewman will treat you in a different way you decisions affect them just as much as they affect how your Shepard is. I myself found it interesting how some characters on the Normandy interacted with others, such as Subject Zero in mass effect two having a problem with the two Cerberus operatives on board, bringing life to the Normandy in a variety of different ways.


Gameplay: The classes you can pick from range from Adept, Soldier, Vanguard, Sentinel, Engineer, and Infiltrator all with their own skill set and playing styles.

  • Mass effect one: The combat is more rpg style than anything so fights tend to move a tad slower than you’d expect them to  allowing for more of a tactical approach to combat, making it seem slow paced and it really is slower than the other two games but it shines in this aspect as it gives you time to pause and assess the situation


  • Mass Effect 2: The game play has evolved more of an action/rpg fill having the best of both mass effect one and the third game meeting it in the middle. Fights go a lot faster now, but no too fast for you to lose the ability to think on your feet, however you can still pace yourself in a fight and think about some of the most idiotic things for you not to do.


  • Mass Effect 3: The game has now taken a much faster turning preferring the more action like approach. More maneuvering options have been added such as rolling and bouncing from cover to cover to allow you the ability to keep up with the fast paced action and explosions. Also more on a personal note, this game is packed with the most epic cut scenes.


Verdict: 10/10

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