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Mamoruken Curse! review


Mamorukun Curse! is shoot ’em up game released by UFO Interactive Games. The game is actually an enhanced port of a 2008 Japanese arcade game called “Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta”. It was originally released in arcades, then released on consoles in Japan with updated graphics, new characters and modes. After being exclusively a Japanese game, it has now hit the states as a PlayStation Network game retailing for $20.

What I enjoyed about this game is that it sticks to its Japanese roots. The menus, the art style, the voices and music all stay intact without trying to change to Western standards. In-fact all the dialog for the cut scenes are only available in Japanese with only English subtitles available. The game is also full of over-the-top, cute, playful anime characters.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward for a shoot-em-up. The left stick is used for moving around, while the right stick is used for shooting. You also have movement of the screen, controlling your character’s ability to advance. The look and feel might seem a little over the top for some, but I found it to be quite complementary to this type of game.

The game includes an arcade mode, a story mode, and a mode called “Netherworld Adventures”. In arcade mode you have unlimited lives and can freely complete any level you wish without having to worry about dying or losing the game. This mode is definitely the easiest of the game. Because I didn’t really have to worry about any consequences while playing, I had the most enjoyment with this mode. I was able to focus solely on mowing down my enemies and taking down the bosses.

The story mode is similar to the other modes, but with added responsibility and structure. The story of the game goes as follows: the now dead characters must save the Netherworld. One tricky aspect of the story mode is that each of the five characters can only take a single hit, so you essentially have five lives. Once all five characters are dead, you lose the level.MC_SS002

Each characters is different as they have their own unique shooting pattern. Once the game gets going, the screen is filled to capacity with bullets, enemies and other collectable items. It is really a spectacular sight to see especially during boss battles. The boss battles are pretty challenging, with each one needing a different strategy to conquer. It can get pretty challenging since your objective is not to get hit by enemy bullets, while the entire screen is filled by enemies and their ammo.

I really enjoyed Mamoruken Curse! This Japanese port stayed true to its art style and culture, without cutting anything out in an attempt to fit to Western audiences. The game is filled with bright, vibrant music and amine characters. The game is fun and fast-paced, while giving you the ability to control the movement and progression of your character through the level. The only downside I have for this game is its steep $20 price-tag. The justification for the high price is that this version of the game includes all DLC and additional content that has every been released in Japan. Even so, this fantastic shoot-em-up’s high price might still keep people away.


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