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Magic 2015 Review

For some time now, we have gotten a yearly release of Duels of the Planeswalkers. Ever since 2010 there has been a new release with every core MTG set in the CCG. We have arrived at Magic 2015 and when you take a look at the previous games, this one stands out as one of the different ones. However, it falls on features that made the previous games fun.

Garruk Wildspeaker, the greatest hunter known, has fallen under the curse of the Chain Veil. He now mercilessly stalks his own kind. Find him and stop him … before he finds you! The story is pretty cool, the cutscenes for them every time to complete a region are really cool. This is something I am glad the developers are keeping up with. Seeing characters like Garruk come to life adds a new level of immersion.


To start off, there are a lot of cards in this game. Magic 2015 has begun the process of allowing the player to fully customize their decks. This includes the number of basic and special lands. Yes, we finally have dual lands to use. This is something fans have been clamoring for after four games. This came at a price. A new booster pack system has been implemented and it sucks. While I appreciate the non-linear way of unlocking cards in previous titles, I liked not having my luck tested every time I get something new to open. Now, I have a mass of terrible cards and the ability to throw all of these terrible cards into a deck I made myself. It isn’t very fun when I look at it like that but I cannot help it. I liked how every match was a unique challenge because you knew exactly what someone had in their deck so you had to work around it. There were some good cards in those games. Now it feels like there aren’t any, despite having cards from five different sets.

I appreciate something new being done with the series. It needed something to show that you can have five installments in a series and still feel new. Magic 2015 certainly feels new, but for every positive feature I find, something negative counters it. There is more to the single-player than in the other games but there is a distinct lack of Challenge Mode. For those of you that have not played previous games, Challenge mode was when you had a set scenario and you had to figure out how to win with strict conditions. They were fun, and the puzzles were genius. That is absent in Magic 2015 and I hate it.

I wanted to like this new installment, but creating decks was a chore and I shouldn’t be grinding this hard and not see any results. The game became boring and trying to beat the CPU with bad cards felt more like a second job than a fun game. I like the new direction, in the sense that it was something different, but it was all so poorly executed. I give Magic 2015 a 5/10. It is certainly playable, and people will find this game enjoyable, but veterans of the franchise will find it tough to get into. You can pick it up on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC now. 

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