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Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven Review

Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven is a fun and light hearted JRPG brought to North America thanks to Xseed games. I personally was very happy to see this come to the states as the original development company, Neverland, had closed its doors not to long after releasing Rune Factory 4 (also a great game). But thanks to the hard work of Marvelous who kept certain staff from Marvelous in order to finish Lord of Magna we get to enjoy this well done game. The game is available on the Nintendo 3DS and was originally released in Japan October of last year. But enough with the technical details.lord 2

In Lord of Magna you step into the shoes of an Inkeep who’s name you can customize from the beginning, but I chose the default name of Luchs. As Luchs, you run the inn on the edge of town that has been passed down to you from your father and his father before him and so on and so forth. He left you with the promise that you “will treat all your precious customers as if they were your own family”. Sounds like an innocent enough way to start a story but it quickly escalates when while hunting for crystals within a cave (the crystals are a valuable commodity and how luchs makes a living….his inn hasn’t been very prosperous) he is cornered by several wild fiends/monsters. Attempting to get away he finds a beautiful woman seemingly trapped within a giant crystal in front of a glowing pedestal. In good ole RPG fashion the pedestal reacts to Luchs and the woman springs from the crystal and cuts down the fiends. Afterward she passes out looking to be in pain and with a case of Amnesia. Thus begins your quest to find out who and what she is and find out what the magical bracelet that is now stuck to your arm has to do with any of it.lord 1

Your party eventually consists of Charlotte (the girl who rescues you) and as you progress through the story 6 of her sisters eventually join you as well (although I wont say how or why to avoid spoilers). The combat in the game was great and very well balanced. It is a Gods Eye view turn based strategy system. Each character has a rating that will determine how far they can move within a highlighted circle. Kinda like the recent Fairy Fencer F game. After movement you have the options to Attack, Defend, use an item, or pass which will charge a gauge that will allow you to use certain special abilities. This system is nothing new to the JRPG world but it flows so well and never really got boring. It was easy to understand and as you gain new abilities led to interesting strategies that you can use as well. The enemies are a little bit unique however as they are usually in large groups with one leader type sitting in the middle. The normal enemies will fall after one strike but the leaders have a life bar, cause more damage, and can summon unlimited amounts of minions if they are left alive. The goal is truly to strike a minion enemy and in turn they would fly into another one creating a chain reaction. These chain reactions give you points and if you manage to eliminate 10 enemies at once your granted an extra turn. lord 3

Having praised the battle/combat system there were a few flaws in other aspects of the game. The voice acting for the North American release is absolutely fantastic, but its limited to cuts cenes and a few other conversation pieces and is left out of the majority of the game. This left me a bit sad considering the voice work that was there was great and made the characters more relatable and likable. The other little grievance I had was the lack of exploration. You are pretty much limited to the inn in which you run, battles, and a few other small venues. Although this may sound like a big detriment it was only a small annoyance. Lord of Magna brought plenty to the table to compensate for its few little issues.lord 4

The game also contains seven different endings, which is not to bad considering its not that lengthy of a game. So fans will have to beat it 7 times to get the complete package so to speak but with how much fun I had after beating it once I don’t think I will have much trouble doing it again over time. The characters are all likable and charming. The artwork and backgrounds are great and unique all with there own personalities. The music was fitting and catchy and I often found myself humming along during the battle sequences. If your an RPG or JRPG fan this game is absolutely worth a try and a great addition to the 3DS system. 8 Out of 10. Happy Gaming.


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