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Limbo Review

Limbo, a mind bending side scrolling work of art. Developers from Playdead had a stroke of genius when creating this memorable game better known as Limbo. Once you play through this game you’ll sit back in your chair and wonder what the game was really about. The game follows what I like to call a dead mans sequence where you’ll go through the game dying multiple times until you figure out the correct way in which to traverse a particular puzzle. But due to Limbo’s frequent auto save feature you’re not grumbling as you have to go through half an hour of replay just to get back where you were, you’ll only have to move several feet before plummeting to your death again before you finally realize “Oh this is what I need to do” and feel stupid for how simple it was to not fall in a pit of spikes or having your head slashed off from a bear trap hanging precariously on a rope. I mean seriously who leaves a bear trap hanging from a rope?

Limbo is rendered in dark overcast images following the silhouette of a young boy who wakes up in the heart of some woods. All you see of this boy is the black shape of his bodies and glowing white eyes. The object is to keep to boy alive and help him reach his destination (whatever that might be) as you traverse this wooded area you encounter some tribes boys in the woods that for some reason are just hell bent on trying to kill you. But you’re smarter then them and lead them into various traps sending them to their ultimate doom. That or they just run away from you as you get close to them. But while your surviving crazy children with spears and or random bear traps and giant spiders (yes you heard correctly. Giant spiders with razor pointed legs that will spear you through the chest in a rather gruesome and grizzly ways.) As you farther progress your way through the woodsy area you’ll start to enter this city like place thus creating a whole new world of hardships on witch you have to struggle to survive.

Many people feel that Limbo was a very short game do to the fact that you can sit  down and beat limbo in a rough 3 hour time span if focused solely on the game. But in my eyes its the perfect length for a game of this caliber. Its a game that begins, fills you with feeling that you cant even comprehend, then ends with you having felt something stir inside your chest. It’s the feeling of wanting to know more about what really and truly happens. A feeling that will drive you to play the game multiple times until you are thoroughly satisfied and feel that you truly know whats going on until you decide to look something up on Limbo on the internet and see another interpretation through someone elses eyes and you HAVE to go back and see for yourself on whether or not they are right!

If you’re one of those people that can only play a game with a good sound track then Limbo is odviously not your kind of game because guess what. There is not one, yep you have heard correctly the sound track for Limbo is non existant. But just because I said that dont think that you’re not going to like it because what Playdead did was instead of music there is the nice subtle sound of creepy. As you’re running through the woods you’ll hear cricket noises suddenly or the sharp rustle of something in the woods as you run past you’ll even here the slight scraping/squeaking noise of a light swinging on a wire. The nice subtle sounds is truly one of the things that makes this game because its always been the music that gamers are intrigued with. No music was a daring risk but all in all it played out very well. 

Limbo is a game is a masterfully made game and will be a game that I can play anytime to reduce my ever increasing stress levels because its a game that makes you think. As we all know thinking about other things is a way to release stress so its a pretty healthy game while playing a game about death (hint?). But anyways I highly advise playing Limbo as least once. You will not be sorry, Limbo can be purchased on X-box Live, PSN and Steam and its pretty cheap so you wont be breaking the bank when and if you do decide to play it. But anyways its been fun and I will gladly give Limbo a 10 out of 10.

Happy Gaming!

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