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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded the Remake of the Review

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is a reboot to a remake made by N-Fushion Interactive. The lead designer was Al Lowe, who used to work for Sierra Games and was the lead designer of the old Leisure Suit Larry games. This is a reboot of the original Leisure Suit Larry game which had already received a remake back in 1991. I played the original back when I was nine or ten years old, so I’m going to split up this review into two parts: First as if the other games never existed and second as how it compares to the first.31510_06_kickstarter_funded_leisure_suit_larry_reloaded_hits_retail_later_this_month_full

The past doesn’t exist:

Oh wow, look, a new adult-themed adventure game. That’s a welcome break from all these zany fantasy adventures featuring wise-cracking underdogs. Oh wait, it turns out Larry is a wise-cracking underdog, but still, it’s not about sailing on the high-seas. This game is actually pretty perplexing: it makes a point to include an age gate and proof-of-maturity quiz but then features tons of middle-school sex jokes.

I like how the puzzles are rooted within more adult interactions between people. One example is getting some booze to a drunken guy to get important information. This leads to most problems being able to be solved with straight-forward logic. The problem, however, is that a lot of solutions take an item gathered from other areas. There are three areas to go, and it costs a random amount each time to get somewhere. So you constantly have to gamble to get money because you constantly have to go back and forth to places whenever a new problem presents itself.

The other big problem is the story. Larry isn’t exactly a likeable person and the 40-year-old virgin thing is pretty disingenuous when you can just go find a prostitute and have sex with her. They open by telling you to go look for true love but, throughout the game, it just feels like you’re trying to do some meaningful love-making. Without wishing to spoil anything, the ending is sudden and somewhat out of place.29877_05_leisure_suit_larry_reloaded_will_be_released_in_june

Seriously, I was ten years old:

There are several changes made from the original that I think are for the better. In the original version, you could run out of money and be stuck, forcing you to load from a previous saves, but in this version, each area had a roulette machine which allowed you to keep playing. Larry still has all of those crazy deaths, but they don’t get in the way like before and they just restart you from just before whatever triggered the sequence.

The puzzles are mostly the same but they change things up slightly enough to make you have to think about a solution rather than trying to remember what you did when you first played the game. The controls have been simplified from having to type your actions to the more modern different-pointers-for-different-actions setup.  Also, because the kickstarter went so well, they added a new sequence that wasn’t in the original versions, which will probably cause the most amount of excitement for the older players. They also added in a lot of Meta references that refer to generic adventure tropes.3vZBTl5-1

I like to think that this game exists mostly for the narrator. The original game didn’t have one of those, so this game overcorrects by having the best narrator ever. I love this guy’s voice and I kind of wish I could use recordings of him saying generic stuff for my computer noises. It seriously is the best part of this game and I found myself doing every random thing I could to hear the snarky northeasterner make fun of Larry some more.

However, they decided to go with the later look of Larry Laffer as the really short, fat, guy with a medallion and disco coat. The original Larry looked like he could’ve been a secret agent or a car salesman; he was a regular guy in a suit who was just in “try hard” mode. Now the designers go out of their way to make him look like an absolute loser and I think the game suffers from that. People generally don’t want to be forced into the role of “the butt of every joke” and the best stories are about ordinary people put into extraordinary situations.Leisure_Suit_Larry_in_the_Land_of_the_Lounge_Lizards_-_1987_-_Sierra_On-Line

It’s hard to understand why they made this game. People new to the franchise are going to think its references are dated but people who have played this before aren’t going to find it very challenging. This seems more like an “Al Lowe really wanted to” thing rather than a “people have been calling for this” thing.

Final Score: 6/10

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