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Legends of Pegasus Review

Developed by Novacore and published by Kalypso Media, Legends of Pegasus is a new 4X strategy title available on Steam. While the general consensus is that this game is terrible (Like Gamespot has real gamers on their payroll), I have found that the game is rather enjoyable. No game is perfect and there will always be some flaws in gameplay that will make things difficult to play, however, Bethesda games are glitch city and people still buy those. Legends of Pegasus is something that should not be shoved under the rug.

The main story will put players in control of the last surviving humans in the galaxy. Driven by the will to survive, the humans must explore the galaxy and expand on their civilization to rebuild what has been lost. There are two other campaigns involving aliens of the hostile and friendly nature. These are unlocked when the previous story has been completed. Each story has four chapters to play through. While the game’s cutscenes are not the most extravagant, they still work with the presentation. The art style is well drawn and the voice overs are surprisingly high in quality.

The best thing about LoP is the storytelling. The best example is in the story with humans. As the humans are attacked by aliens and they learn that the human race on earth has been eradicated, the politics begin to show and tension between groups becomes more obvious. You get the idea that this is a struggle to keep people alive. I can appreciate good writing, and LoP does a very good job.

This is a turn based 4X Space Simulation title, so you will be executing most of your game in turns after you give orders to ships and starting construction on buildings. When you gain new resources you will have access to more buildings. With more buildings you will be able to expand on a large technology tree. Some ships have different functions as the first level teaches you everything you need to learn about expanding your empire.

Upon colonizing planets there are numerous factors you have to take into consideration, the quality of living, commerce, culture etc. These are governed by what tiles you place your buildings on, and if you designate them well, you will earn bonuses.

The best aspect of LoP’s gameplay is the real time space fights, dogfights between fleets of ships is rather common as you progress through the game. Late game you will have multiple fleets fighting and protecting. It is by far one of the coolest things to watch. The brilliant ship design makes these space battles entertaining to watch and be a part of.

Remember when I said no game is perfect? Well as much as I am praising LoP, there are a plethora of problems. The biggest is the learning curve, next is the interface, and lack of explanation or video tutorials. First, the learning curve, it took (and is still taking) some time to learn the mechanics of the game. The amount of stuff available is quite daunting. Following the learning curve is the UI. The User Interface feels slightly disorganized and needs a stylized look. The lacking UI plays into the learning curve issue because when you have a clumsy UI, you cannot learn aspects of the game well. Finally is the lack of explanation. A lot of the game’s tutorials are in text. While I support reading, there are some things that you cannot learn just by reading a book. It would be nice to see someone who knows how to play the game explain it rather than what feels like technical jargon being thrown in your face.

Because of these issues, the game almost seems unplayable. While the launch had a very rough time getting off the ground, it is a lot better now. While LoP is a good game, with a brilliant idea, it falls short of having a clean presentation and it feels like a group of mechanics with no fluency to connect one aspect to another. I give Legends of Pegasus a 7.5/10

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