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Legends of Dawn Review: This Legend Could Be Better


Legends of Dawn is a self proclaimed hardcore RPG and Kickstarter success. The game had a very rocky start due to a number of glitches. The game has since been patched and the full release is up to date. My final verdict on this game is rather mixed. Legends of Dawn has everything that goes into a great RPG but it feels somewhat unfinished and poorly executed.

This is the part where I would talk about the story, but the game feels so fragmented in this sense I can’t necessarily tell you what the game is about other than a soldier fighting monsters on an adventure across the world.

The game’s free roaming is exacted upon at the start of the game, you can easily miss core missions at the start if you aren’t paying attention. This is a problem because it kills the pacing of the game due to you having to talk to everyone you see and read every single word on the screen. You spend more time reading than in Point/Click Adventure games. So much time was put forth into detailed descriptions of items, abilities, characters, story, and game mechanics it misses out teaching the player how the game flows through its gameplay. It misses how to tell a story despite having a large lore pool. This is the ultimate downfall of Legends of Dawn.

The game gives you plenty of free choice, but some structure is not bad. Tutorials are not a bad thing either, especially when your game has so much in it. The combat feels clunky and unfair. It almost feels like a bad rendition of Elder Scrolls Morrowind. You miss almost everything and the enemies you fight always have more CC than you and you are always outnumbered. I understand giving your enemies an upper hand, I mean look at Dark Souls. However, in Legends of Dawn the difficulty is too unfair because there is no balance.

Legends of Dawn’s most original concept comes from the lockpicking. You will randomly collect runes from chests and fallen enemies. You will use these runes to open chests. These chests will have specific runes so you are reminded to revisit the locked chests once you have a nice amount of runes in your inventory. I would have two say the two slowest mechanics in this game are leveling and crafting. It takes so long to level up. Mainly because quests are not only hard to find, but are also hard to complete because there is no way to point you in the right direction.


The game lacks the footing it needs to propel you to success. I don’t use this term a lot, but it needs to be said in this review. Legends of Dawn has a bit conveyance problem. I find that to be quite fitting. There is so much text in the game it is just off putting. You often read things the wrong way and it can send you in the wrong direction. It happens all too often to be an acceptable challenge.

Visually speaking, Legends of Dawn has come a long way from launch. While the field of view feels really off the game has far less visual glitches. It looks OK, nothing exemplary, but nothing terribly ugly. It is very average.

Yeah, Legends of Dawn has everything they advertise in the description on Steam, but does it deliver them well? No, it doesn’t. The game is just too slow. It feels like it will never pick up. I give Legends of Dawn a 4/10. You can pick it up on Steam if you wish to give it a go.

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