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Legend of Grimrock Review

Credit to Almost Human

Legend of Grimrock is a oldschool 3D grid based dungeon crawler RPG. Now I mean real oldschool like Dungeons Master and Eye of the Beholder. This kind of RPG has been absent from the shelves for quite some time (roughly 10 years). Legend of Grimrock is Almost Human’s debut title and suffice to say, this game did a great job in getting Almost Human’s foot in the door to gaming.

The story plays out like this, The player is a prisoner sentenced to death and exiled to Mount Grimrock for crimes he may or may not have committed. Grimrock is filled with dungeons and tunnels and with a team of other prisoners, the escape from Grimrock may prove to be a tougher task than originally thought. While Grimrock is the only story/map available Almost Human intends on updating the game with DLC and user generated content. The Grimrock story arc/map is the only one available at the moment.

While you are crawling through the dungeons of Grimrock you will face much more than traps and puzzles. Creatures can be around any corner and it is easy to get outnumbered or flanked. Not only is this a oldschol RPG but it contains many elements of a survival game. Some enemies drop item to consume. There is a hunger bar and it spells doom when the bar depletes. You have four mouths to feed to eat wisely.

There are four races to choose from and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Humans are the basic race. They do not have any particular faults or specialties. They can make good mages, warriors, and rogues. Minotaurs are fantastic brawlers/tanks. Insectoids make good mages but are frail. Lizardmen make the best rogues with increased dex. Your team can consist of any combination, but it is recommended you have one of each race and class to have all your bases covered. When creating yru class you must choose their special skills and allocate skill points to make them proficient in something. Skill points are vital to a mage class while a brawler relies on stats rather than skills. Every race/class has a set amount of stat points to allocate as well. These are used to increase Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Willpower. Some races get boosts in these attributes while other get decreases.

Now to the real reason why you want to get this game, the combat. The group of 4 moves in a 1×1 space, there are two characters in the front and two in the back. Only characters in the front can use melee weapons while characters in the back rely on magic and throwable weapons to attack. There are two hands to equip items for all your prisoners. Mages generally have nothing in their hands as they need it to cast spells. There are staves to use though. Front line fighters are your first attackers and they must use maces and swords to attack. The biggest quarrel with this game is the magic casting system. Once you select the hand to cast with the mage a selection of runes show up. None of them are labeled so it is rather difficult to see which ones cast what. The next issue is to cast the magic you must reselect the runes. The selections do not save and in a fire fight (HA) you need to cast spells quickly so the other prisoners can attack.

Other than that the combat is solid. It will help t run through the tutorial menu to know what to do, the map design is nice and it can be easy to get lost. Some of the puzzles are out there but they make you think. The look and art design works and is very appealing. There is a rather large difficulty curve about halfway through the game though.

Legend of Grimrock is a game made for hardcore RPG fans, you can even play in an “oldschool’ mode where there is no auto mapping so you can map out the area yourself. If creating characters is not your thing, there is an option to have the characters created for you. I give Legend of Grimrock a 9.25/10. I like seeing and playing RPGs like this. There are too many RPGs that use the Elder Scrolls formula. Going back to basics really works in this game. Pick it up on Steam. 

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