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Left 4 Dead Review

Left 4 Dead (shortened to L4D) was created as a single-player and/or multiplayer survival-horror game by Valve Corporation, made available on PC and Xbox. Fun fact: In early production it was called “Terror Strike.”

The whole concept of the game was for the 4 survivors to cooperate and make it through each level to the safe house at the end. However stopping you are hordes of normal infected(Akin to the infected in the movie 28 Days Later) and then there are the special infected, normal humans who have been heavily mutated by the Infection. Their job is, of course, to try and stop you from making it to the end of each campaign level. All together there are 4 campaigns which have about 4-5 levels to them.

Credit for this image goes to deviantARTist, jpizzle6298

The game starts out in Pennsylvania after a so called “Green-Flu” outbreak (yes the zombie virus). 4 immune survivors try and make their way to evacuation points without dying. The campaigns are No Mercy, which takes place on a rooftop as the survivors make their way to a hospital where there is an evacuation helicopter that they have to call. Death toll is all about surviving and getting to a boat house and waiting for a fisherman to come help them and get them away from the outbreak traveling through a small (and I mean very small) town and a church. Dead Air, the survivors must make it to an airport, and get through the airport and help the pilot take off to get to safety. Last but not least we have Blood Harvest, the survivors must make it to a small farmhouse where they find a radio and call the military they must make it through the thick forest and train station to get there and hopefully make it to the armored truck. We have these campaigns and then 2 downloadable extra’s for these survivors. Obviously, the whole point of the game is to SURVIVE!

Credit for this image goes to deviantARTist, UFO-etc

The main characters of this game are Bill, Louis, Zoey, and Francis. We of course have the normal infected like stated above that you are running from and alongside them the special infected which are the Boomers, Witches, Smokers, Hunters, and Tanks. You have an arsenal of weapons to choose from no melee weapons though, also have bombs. Healing wise you get a first aid kit at the beginning of each level and sometimes along the way can find pills.

Of course after each campaign level they tell who scored the highest. Such results include: most defense, head shots, killed the most, ect. The game was pretty enjoyable along with the versus mode where friends can go against each other with one as the infected and the other is a survivor or you can go online against people, along with campaigning with people online. Though the game does hit a time where you are done playing since its pretty much zombie killing with no end, it’s a great way to unwind if you just want to kill things(Digitally, of course). I say it was a fair game when it came out and when they brought the L4D2 out, I could see Valve making more and more improvements. All together I am sure most would like this game, especially if you have a knack for zombie culture or just like to kill random things…in video games, of course!

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