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Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

lol                                                            “BEST FIRST DATE EVAR!!”

The strongest of grudges are often based off of a love that once was. This can be said about the story of Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. A great choice for Halloween coming up! The plot revolves around Eiri Kurahashi, a young antique shop keeper. After receiving a new shipment of items Eiri becomes obsessed with one in particular. An old champagne glass which shows him strange visions of a beautiful girl within the glass. As an artist, he yearns for the chance to paint a portrait of the enchanting lolita. His friends are quick to notice a change in his demeanor as he slowly falls down the rabbit hole and eventually comes face to face with the girl that’s been haunting him. However, the more he learns about her past, the more he condemns himself into a world of despair.

The music is defiantly one of the highlights of this anime, and it really takes you on a breathtaking journey. However, as much as I adore gothic lolita, the unique camera angles gave me a headache. It was brilliant, but distracted away from the plot and made it hard to follow. To get a further understanding of it all I had to read the manga, then re-watch the ova’s to understand certain things. Even then, the manga and anime are very different as if they were trying to fix the plot. I did enjoy the story though and do recommend it for fellow horror buffs. It’s artistic flare is amazing in its own sense.


-Rin Gonzalez

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