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Koku Red Carpet Event: Noobz

During my time in LA for E3 I was lucky enough to get invited to the red carpet premiere of the upcoming Blake Freeman movie Noobz.
The basic plot is that 4 guys that consist of the gaming clan known as Reign embark on a journey to win the Gears of War Gamecon Championship.
Now i think this trailer can do better job at explaining the plot than i can so take a look.

Now that you have finished with the trailer let me just tell you that this movie was hilarious. I was laughing my ass off the whole time. I mean come on Jason Mewes is hilarious, and who doesn’t love Casper Van Dien? People who haven’t seen Starship Troopers. That’s who. And we cant forget beautiful Zelda Williams, who is both talented herself and also the daughter of Robin Williams. INORITE?!
Any gamers out there would be remissed if they did not see this movie.

Before the movie they showed a trailer for another movie by Blake Freeman called Gawd Bless America and it was equally hilarious.

So all i can leave you with is my full endorsement for ANYTHING Blake Freeman.
Go see Noobz when it releases.

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