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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Preview

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developed by 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, and Published by EA. Now this game has some names backing it;  Ken Rolston, the lead designer of The Elder Scrolls III & IV, is the game’s executive designer, fantasy author R.A. Salvatore designed the world and it’s lore, and Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, designed the art.

The basic story is that a race of immortal Fae have started a war on the young races and they were winning. You wake up in a pile of corpses in a cave with no memory of who you are, and you learn that you used to be dead. The well of souls was used to recreate your body and soul and they dumped you in the pit believing that you were another failure. It is discovered that for some unknown reason you exist outside the threads of fate and have the ability to alter the destinies of yourself and others. Thrown into a war you know nothing of and hunted by the evil Fae forces, you must decide your own destiny.

The game contains 4 playable races; Almain (noble Humans), the Dokkalfar (Dark Elves), the Ljosalfar (Light Elves), and the Varani (Nomadic Humans). You also have several choices for class including, Rouge, Mage, Fighter, or any combination of the 3, you may also choose to be fateless for more of a challenge. You can also choose a patron god that gives you bonuses and join factions for training and quests, and you cant forget the classic good or evil options that present themselves.

There is a demo currently available on both the Xbox and PS3, but that’s not all. Both the demo for KoA and for Mass Effect 3 are tied into each other. Playing the Demo for one unlocks unique items in the other so if you plan on buying either i suggest you play the demo’s for both. Playing the Demo For Kindoms get you an exclusive Todd McFarlane-designed Reckoner Knight Armor and The Powerful Chakram Launcher for Mass Effect 3 , as well as some Kingdoms armor that becomes available when you reach the first town in game. Playing the Mass Effect 3 Demo get you Omniblade Daggers. There is also an N7-inspired Shepard’s Battle Armor available when you purchase KoA and is redeemable via the EA Online Pass.

I have played the demo several now and each time i try a different play style and i have to say i am really looking forward to this game. Personally i found the demo for this game to be more enjoyable than Skyrim in story, gameplay style, and graphics. I could spend all day telling you why this game is going to be awesome but i encourage you to just download the demo and then go preorder the game. There is also a pretty sweet collector edition of this game available.

Release date for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is set for February 7, 2012.

Stay tuned to Koku for more information.

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