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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Review


As Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance starts and the ever faithful opening music video starts you’ll have memory lapses of when you were ten transfixed on your old boxed TV watching Simple and Clean play across your screen. The newest installment of Kingdom Hearts brought back some of your most beloved characters from the original series. While also bringing in some new characters that you’ll soon fall in love with as well.

Kingdom Hearts is a fun Square Enix/Disney game that’ll make you reminice about your childhood. To many people are always on the move however so noone ever really has a chance to sit down and spend several good hours playing a game but luckily for us Square Enix decided to throw Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance out for the 3DS so you can play anywhere and everywhere. (But always have a tissue with you because there will be drooling).

Kingdom Hearts starts out like every other kingdom hearts games, with an amazing opening music video for the game which sucks you in right from the start. Several new enemies are introduced to the lineup of already overwhelming enemies. The infomous Dream Eaters, which as you can probably guess from there name. They eat the happy dreams of unsuspecting people. But lucky for us there are actually two types of Dream Eaters, the first one being called Nightmare Dream Eaters which eat dreams and plant nightmares. Then there is always the Spirit Dream Eaters which eat nightmares.

Cute right?

One neat aspect that Square Enix decided to throw into the game system is pets, yes you heard me correctly Sora and Riku are allowed to care for Dream Eater pets, lucky enough they are not as useless as most pets in any other game that I played they actually help you kill enemies and get around places in some rather comical ways. When you first get your pets, you’re like “Oh Awesome!” but after a while of having to feed and pet your little dream eater it gets a little tiresome and repitive. Although you can level up your pet dream eater to give them little stat boosts which help you out…quite a bit actually. All in all I would have to say that the whole pet was a bit much but thats just me. But off this topic and on
with the review!

One of the things that I found rather intrigueing is that all throughout the game you get to jump back and forth with Sora and Riku. Yes you heard correctly for all of you fan girls that cant seem to get enough of Riku’s “I dont care about anything attitude, you get to play as him so cheer as much as you want because it’s happening. The only downfall to this system is the fact that you could be in the middle of a boss fight when it decides to switch over to whichever person you were not playing at the time and when you get back to your previous boss fighting character, well you’re just going to have to re-fight the boss and all of his hardness. At least the second time around you’re prepared for all of the attacks that he does.


After the awesome opening Video (In 3D) the game starts out with Riku and Sora building a raft to live destiny Island and sail to other worlds but as luck may have it guess who shows up? If you guessed the most annoying boss in any Kinghearts game, better known as Ursula then you would be correct. She shows up in the middle of the ocean to bad mouth you a little bit but thank god its just the tutorial so she’s really just a joke and only takes about 5 minutes to deal with her. But of course she decides to destroy your raft after she leaves thus knocking Sora and Riku out allowing them to sink to there watery graves. Lucky enough them being the main characters to the game you cant just really kill them off so there keyblades decides to appear and save there lives by unlocking a world (yay). Quick flashback to Yin Cids tower where he tells them that they need to become true keyblade master. Sora isnt to pleased that he still has to undergo training feeling that he is already a Keyblade master, but Riku readily jumps on the band wagon in order to prove that he is capable of overcoming the darkness that still lingers in his heart. Through Riku’s confession Sora readily decides to undergo training as well in order to stay by his best friends side, and thus the training to become true Keyblade Masters begins.

Many worlds have been brought back into the Kingdom Hearts dimensions, such as
Destiny Island
Symphony of Sorcery
La Cite des Cloches
The Grid
Prankster’s Paradise
Disney Castle
Radiant Garden
Keyblade Graveyard
Mysterious Tower
The World That Never Was
Traverse Town
Country of the Musketeers

I’m not going to go into much more detail for the story or the gameplay. Just know that it’s an amazing game that is a must play at least once. Or for all of you die hard Kingdom Hearts fans, several play throughs are going to be needed in order to cope with  the magnitude of what you have just accomplished. To all of you I say good luck and have fun. I give this game a 10 out of 10.

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