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Journey is a small PSN download game by That Game Company.  Depending on the player the game can take between an hour and a half and four hours. The objective of the game is to reach the distant destination that you can see throughout most of the game. You are trying to reach a mountain with a split at the top, but of course being the game is called Journey, the game focuses on the journey more that the destination.

You start out in the middle of the desert and see some odd looking tomb stones with old cloth ribbons hanging from them at the top of a hill. Those are your first markers of your path for your journey. This is when the games name appears on the screen and you continue on. The set path in the beginning level is pretty obvious, you see some floating tags and something glowing, you go to find out what it is. Viola you have the first part of your scarf after obtaining the glowing symbol and discover that the tags are there to regenerate the flying power that your scarf gives you.

On your journey another objective is to find all the pieces to make your scarf as long as possible; the longer your scarf is, the farther you can fly. Most of the levels only contain 3 symbols to make your scarf longer until the later levels where you can obtain four, the fourth of which is hard to get. Given this game is for the PS3, there are trophies you can get as well which give you other objectives in the game other than just finishing it. Unfortunately there are only about 15 trophies in all.

I started playing this as soon as it came out a few months ago and I guess not many people had gotten it yet because I played two whole times through by myself. After I came back to it a month later after a vacation, I found after the first level you are able to play with other people, not by option. Good thing you play with the other people though, because most of the trophies involve a second player.

Overall the game is quite calm and there is no violence, but you do come upon these monsters about half way through the game, your scarf is considerably long by this point. These monsters appear to be ancient relics of sorts, but if you are spotted by them, your scarf is eaten. And you have to face these monsters about 5 times throughout the entire game, but once you know how to get past them there is nothing to worry about. I will say though its funny watching the new players go through without knowing with a long scarf just to see them get their scarf eaten a few times.

How you can tell the difference between a new player and someone who has been playing for a while is the markings on their robes. The less gold markings on their robes the newer they are. Of course there are those who obtain white robes. You can do this by collecting all the symbols that add onto your scarf in the game. The best part about the white robes is that you do not have to find ways to regenerate your scarf, because it is dome automatically and you start with a scarf unlike the regular red robe where you don’t.

What makes this game unique is the soundtrack. Technically there isn’t one. The music changes based on your own game play. When you are standing still the music tones down so low that you can barely hear it, but when you are sliding down a slope, the music speeds up. It will also change with the atmosphere of the game. So there really is no set soundtrack given it changes with what you do. This alone gives the game an identity of its own.

Unfortunately, Journey is one of those games that will put you to sleep. You can sometimes be going so slow, it doesn’t seem like you’re moving, other times, there really just isn’t enough going on in the game to keep some people’s attention. The game was designed to be simply elegant, which it does pull off quite well in my own opinion, but for those who need more in a game than just soft music and walking, the game proves to be a letdown.

In my own opinion of the game, given everyone’s is different, this was a great game. I have played it six times through already and I’m still not bored of it. I like the idea of not being able to verbally communicate to the other players. I like how the game was done over all; I didn’t need it to be such a busy game. It feels good to just sit back and play a calm game, even though on my first time through I was yelling at the screen when I missed something and getting excited every time my scarf got longer.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this game to hard core gamers, but to those who like to play videogames every now and then or even beginner gamers. You do get the light drama of a good game, but like almost every game, you still get your happy ending, even though I don’t really consider the game ever ending. You go back to the beginning every time you finish it.

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