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James’ Wasabi Retrospective

James’ Wasabi Retrospective

The following is my own personal opinion and not the opinions of any other staff member here at Broken Analog, with that said I attended Anime Land: Wasabi over the weekend as I have been for the past 6 years this was my first year going and representing Broken Analog there as a member of the press. I have been an avid con-goer and cosplayer for over 8 years now attending cons across Colorado and I have a few out of state conventions under my belt as well.

Like I had said before I have attended Animeland Wasabi for 6 years now, I have seen the bad times and all of the good times as well over the years. This year I want to say redeemed last years mess of what I have been hearing by word of mouth as Hallway Con. Wasabi for me has always been a “social convention” which translates to hanging out with friends I really only see there at con, I go to a few panels here and there, or even check out the dealer’s room.

The con has had a pretty few shaky years with outside issues or even from the location that it is at, but I have been devoted into going to the con I believe that if we turn our back on them now, there would be no way to fix it in the future, which lead to my attendance this year, it was a fairly small turnout compared to last years convention, but the hotel chosen this year was larger 10 fold compared to last year for sure, The whole issue with the turnout though was probably due to another convention going on at the same time as Wasabi this year and with it being a holiday weekend as well, but I didn’t see any problems going down like I had previous years. This year felt like a return to like my first few years that I had gone.

Going this year made me realize that only we can make the con a better place, I know I hear people complain about it every year but what are we doing to change it besides just squabble about it? The only issues I’m really seeing people complain about this year was the security but that could probably be to the lack of attendance and willing volunteers to help, like I had just said that could easily be fixed if we come together and make the con better in the future. I know we all remember how it was when it was still at the Red Lion 5 years ago and it could be that great again!

But over all after speaking my peace about it, there were a few boring times but I still enjoyed myself and seeing all of my wonderful friends there and will continue to go to Animeland Wasabi in the following years. This was over all not a bad convention at all I felt like if it didn’t have the same circumstances on being the same weekend as another convention in Denver and on a holiday weekend there would of been a higher turnout of people and more vendors in the dealers room from that. I will say I hope it is at the same hotel this year, there were plenty of places around the hotel to mingle around for food than last year for sure.

-James M.
Senior Editor

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  1. Lizzy says
    March 30, 2016, 10:33 AM

    I was planning to go to Wasabi on Saturday, but what ended up stopping me was the lack of panels. There were few to choose from and the topics didn’t interest me.


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