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Ittle Dew Pc review


Ittle Dew in a new title by Ludosity, It’s a adventure game very reminiscent of older top view Legend of Zelda games. You play as Ittle Dew a young girl who crashes on a mysterious island. With the help of her flying fox friend Tippsie you set out on your adventure to the castle to retrieve an artifact for a shop keep who will give you a raft so you can leave the island.

The game is pretty straight forward, you solve a puzzle, you kill some enemies and move on. As you move on the puzzles get progressively harder and become more of a pain in the ass. I found many times my head would start to hurt figuring these puzzles out, all to find it was a simple puzzle or I would figure it out accidentally. The game play was entertaining, some of the enemies requiring special ways of killing them. The bosses being a puzzle in themselves.The artwork and I say artwork because it is all hand drawn, it very colorful and vibrant, yet leaving a childish cartoon feel to it. The music was really unmemorable, I found myself thinking is there any music just to realize there is.


All in all it’s a good and cheap waste of time and hey it has steam cards. You should get about 3-5 hours of game play out of it and may if you want to try new ways of playing through it again. I believe the main character said it best when you beat the game and the last boss ask you how his dungeon was, and she replied 3 out of 5 mediocre at best. That’s what I give it a 3 out of 5 (6.5 out of 10), I wouldn’t say it was mediocre, but I did find many parts of it lacking and felt it was a lot of push block, rinse repeat.


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