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Interview with Scott McNeil 2015

Interview with Scott McNeil 2015

Interview with Scott McNeil at Nan Desu Kan 2015

On Sunday I had the opportunity  to interview Scott McNeill who you would all know him from his works on Gundam Wing as Duo Maxwell, Koga from Inuyasha, and Piccolo from the Ocean Studio dub of Dragonball Z and of course Beast Wars!! where he played Dinobot, Waspinator, and Rattrap! he was a very fun and exciting guest to interview and it was an honor to be able to talk with him. be sure to listen to the full interview with him you’ll be in for a treat!!

so Scott came in after unfortunately being stuck upstairs on the 7th floor(poor guy! 🙁 ) for like 20 mins luckily he made it down to us in time to do our interview before closing ceremonies!

so he sat down and was showing us this epic beam scythe marker that someone had made for him at another con it was cool! he could switch it out and put it on top of other markers that he uses to do his autographs with.

he then started to tell us about his slurpee experience when he took some of his panelists to get them and that since we’re a higher altitude that it decides to blow up on him when he gets it.

we then made a joke about pinky and the brain, it was great he sounded exactly like him, we warned him that we were going to ask a whole bunch of weird questions, he seemed pretty happy about that,

1) what are you most afraid of?

Scott: *crying* I am most afraid of width

(me laughing hysterically then making a width joke)

James: I think any guy would be!

Scott: Ahhh!! i saw what you did there uh huh!

Scott: you know honestly what freaks me the hell out? Masks… Neutral expressionless masks.. because somebody at con will come up to you with the body language saying oh you know me, and my brain would want to process the social signals that your face is giving me.. [but] there is nothing! they end up being a monster and freak me out! Although there was a dude with a pug mask.

Kitty: oh yeah i Saw it!

Scott: Yeah and the eyes were so stationed that i realized i was talking with the 5 and a 1/2 ft tall pug, that was acceptable to my brain, it was sending signals of some sort

James: I’d be like i can’t stop looking!

Scott: Then everything becomes creepy there was this astonishing Sonic in the autograph thing with his head about this big (showed his arms apart to show how big the sonic head was) and never took it off, but then it had sort of an expression but starts to begin to look a little evil after you’ve been staring at it, like is it looking at me? but the totally like there is no face under their face, so now you know my deepest fear and my paralyzing fear of width!


Scott: don’t judge me man! you haven’t sniffed all the sharpies that i sniffed today… I can see music (looks in the distance) I can hear the color orange!

James: What smells like blue?!

Scott: uh huh Green Smells like nine… *Nixon Accent* Sometimes ya know the sharpie fumes can get a little weird all im saying. I did a movie with Christopher Lloyd.. he is intense! He’s another

thing there are three things in my life I’m afraid of.. Width, masks, and Christopher Lloyd.

Kitty: What were you doing?

Scott: it was an episode of Psyche, and it was their homage to the 1980’s movie “Clue” so we had the original cast with the exception of Tim Curry, which dammit it would of been cool, so we’re going and their like Scott, just a heads up no doing Chris around Chris and he’s very intense, just super focused and he didn’t like you know just stay in his trailer and stuff he’d just be sitting there smoking or at lunch he’d sit there in the tent eating his lunch. So finally at day 2 I go i’m going to introduce myself to this guy, so i went “Chris,hi”! and he’s like (stares at strangely) “oh, hi my names Scott you’ll be having the dubious pleasure of presumably most heinously murdering me later on in the day” then he looks at me and goes “ahh isn’t that nice” and when before the cameras were rolling then it’s like eyes locked, i’m like can someone yell action before Chris makes my head explode, honest to God he’s so intense! i’m just like pheww… so those are my 3 fears! [and] If it was a wide Christopher Lloyd wearing a neutral mask

James: oh gosh haha

Scott: yeah that’s pretty much… Cleanup on aisle 9 Scott’s going to need some new trousers!

  1. So what was your most embarrassing moment doing ADR or voice acting?

Scott: Besides like the obligatory and consistent fart stories you’ve probably heard every single time after time after time the endless array of flascits jokes!… i got a good fart story

(I died laughing since this actually was my first time hearing this)

Scott: you know it’s really hard to be embarrassed in a booth when you’re in there by yourself, which is why Anime is rarely embarrassing other than going oh why did I do that to myself, but then I have told this story before, this was before we were doing X-men. So I am playing “Wolverine” (does an impression of his Wolverine voice) they had everything right by the way, having as a Canadian been to Northern Alberta, where he’s from and this is I’m not exaggerating this I shot a movie up there and i went oh my God i thought there was this a stereotype the real Wolverine the way he should be played, first of all you give any Canadian rye whiskey it’s an instant hockey fight (starts doing a funny Canadian impression of fighting) that is the real Wolverine.


Scott: oh thats so on the scale of you know of Gay to Straight, manly to less manly so basically there’s Aquaman down here (showing us where he’s at on a chain) oh.. too soon, is it too soon? *Rodney Dangerfield* oh tough room, tough room i’m tellin ya. And then there’s Wolverine. So huge epic fight scene, i think it was Sabre Tooth and I fighting so it’s a typical Wolverine fight i’m picking up planets and trucks and mountains and i’m throwing them at him and it’s just like *does a loud roar like Wolverine while fighting* and I’m going wait a minute stop the tape! Play that back * he does an impression of rewinding and a boop in the middle* this was a toot of a 3 year old girl dressed as a princess, in Disney Land . I’m like ehhh yeah sometimes it happens

James: oh my god (laughing)

Scott: all cred lost forever, *laughing* there was nothing left

(Goes into a story about how some one said he had an amazing Brett Michaels’ cosplay)

  1. Is there and character you’ve had trouble portraying or getting into character for?

Scott: Well I hope not, if i have to work at this stuff it’s hard, and i had to go to some very deep places for um Grumpy Bear from Care Bears cause he’s the darkest of the bears, I’m a Zach bear, I wanted to change all the rainbows and stuff to like gang tattoos, be like East LA bear mang, then a ‘Straight outta Compton’ bear, boom and they would laugh. Physically the only thing i ever that ever i went “that was hard” was i played Cobra Commander on Gi Joe for a while after Chris Latta passed away and you know, that ain’t no easy; I don’t think i could do it today, but like 8 years later i took that and *attempts to do Cobra Commander* and I went okay wait a minute I’m auditioning for this new show called ‘Beast Wars’ what if i took Cobra Commander and just start to bring him down into an octave or two and that really was the Genesis of ‘Dino Bot’ (Does Rat trap impression) “I’m so sick of hearin about you Lizard Lips, I’m sorry i mean chomper face, I know I know shut up Rat Trap, we’re all gonna die ” (Mumbles in Waspinator voice after)

James: “Waspinator in Command”

Scott: Best line in the whole series though must be “Waspinator happy” but of course now Waspinator is being voiced by Tom Kenny. “Waspinator not want to live in pineapple at bottom of sea”

James: It’s not the same

Scott: But if you want to be replaced by someone, Tom Kenny is not the worst

James: That’s true, that’s true.

*Scott then told us about a painting of a squirrel with blue breasts that a friend of his in florida named Sonia that painted this wonderful acrylic piece for him that he wanted to plug in and I couldn’t leave it out of the interview!*

Kyle: (Question 4) So in the day that we all remorse and you actually have to get a tombstone what would you like it to say?

Scott: (he kinda looks scared and is quiet for a second) You people are monsters! why don’t you just get me to sign your death note while you’re at it??!! *gets into a voice* i’m not staying in here you’re gonna kill me!!? I understand I see where this is going, the chair will protect me won’t you mister chair; *surprised* What?!

Kitty: (Question 4) What do you want written on your tombstone?

Scott: *thinks* What would i want written on my tombstone?

James: Cheese and pepperoni?

Scott: psh yes, *does Piccolo voice* “I AM NOT A GOD DAMN YOSHI” or maybe “They finally put me in the pickle jar” I don’t know i try not to think of these things, but at course of times i have come up with good epitaphs, I love honestly the best one was done for Mel Blanc, “That’s all folks” and that’s what is on his tombstone.

James: aww

Scott: yeah you can’t beat that one

Kitty: yeah thats like a classic

Scott: that’s a legacy in a career to voice over, but i don’t think I would be remembered as such.

James:(question 5) Has voice acting changed at all for you since when you did it in the late 80’s?

Scott: *old man voice* EHHHH RRRR cause we didn’t have no fancy microphones back then you held up the tape! yeah tape! Yeah the technology has changed dramatically my god i just said really i need some starbucks, i think i just found the air molecule in Denver and choked on it.

James: happens to me all the time

Scott: We started recording on quarter inch tape you know there’s terminology “leave room in there for a razor blade in between those” you know so we could do edits and even with dubbing with ADR if you miss something you had to like rewind stick the pencil in the cassette, even with the logistics of uhm i just did some stuff with Funimation they have a setup there it’s all computer screens in there and they’ll just scroll script and edit on the fly and change lines and the screen is there and it’s a very efficient rate for dubbing, kinda like you know I have a studio in my home of course everybody does cause I can work from my home i can audition from my home, and it used to be “oh we’re auditioning for this new show so we’re gonna have to bring in casting people” and bring in a bunch of actors *does a stuck up actor voice* who are all so icky, but yeah now it’s just like get up email we’re looking for this character, this character,this character, this character, their description here’s some sides, and go, personally I don’t like it I like working with people creatively to come up with stuff, like Waspinator was a co creation of myself and Doug Parker whose casting it and they’re more Doug’s creations than mine. Cause its like all the characters are bad guys (does like a mean and heavy voice) Doug went use your bubble voice, and I’m like what? I think i used it on like Mega Man when I was Dr. Wiley and Eddy (and does Eddy voice bringing it into Waspinator)

Then as we started when I got the part he then turned into an idiot cause the writer s met me and went (starts laughing) you’re so dumb, so that was a case of good casting director going you know try throwing some of this in there,  or you know stick him in a lateral lisp.

James: well it looks like we have a little less than 30 seconds left

Scott: Less than 30 seconds let’s do this!!!

Kyle:(Question 6) if you could be any character you voiced who would it be?

Scott: if i could be any character? who would I be? why would i be? I dunno, damn you and your good questions! I would be Wasabi from Sushi Pack because he was a tiny crime fighting blob of wasabi (does a goofy voice) I don’t know who should i be? Be Piccolo! He doesn’t have any genitals.. right don’t be Piccollo, be Duo Maxwell, be pretty!!

James: Yeah you could be 15 again

Scott: Yeah I am 15 in my head, trust me the window for me to grow up? that window set sail a long time ago, I mean Wolverine would be cool, that’s just a lot angry, I’m sticking to characters to what most people would know because i’ve done some really weird stuff that nobody knows, and I’ve played characters where i’m like i never want to be that. it was really cool there was a big mural of Robin Williams out there, i’m like well of course you’re there

James: to give us feels!

Scott: Yeah it gave me big feels i tell ya

James:(Question 7) If you could do anything with your life besides voice acting what would you want to do?

Scott: I wanna save the world from cancer, I would like to travel to African countries and and feed babies, to other babies. I have no applicable life skills! Dear god if i didn’t spend my days in small padded rooms screaming?!

James: Those are the best though

Scott: I would be spending my days in small padded rooms screaming (does low voice) and i get paid for it, “here’s another bucket full of money Scott” alright just keep screaming, that’s a really good question and I have no applicable answer for it other than there’s a lot of things I would’ve liked to have done before i went you’re just too weird, you’re just too weird to do anything, you’re a crazy person you should be in a hospital.

James: Well they’re saying we’re out of time!

We started to talk with the really awesome head of Press that was in there with us telling Scott he had to head over to closing ceremonies for the con. and before we were wrapping up Scott was telling us on how he has been going through the mechanics through the 3 primary voices, and kinda telling us how he can combine all of it into endless different voices.

Scott was an amazing guy to meet! I’m very glad I had the pleasure to meet him, his portrayal of Duo was ultimately what got me into anime, and it was really just that much amazing to meet him and ask him all the silly questions that we asked him, be sure to check out the audio clip of the interview to hear all of the shenanigans that Scott did!

Scott Mcneil

I was able to get a picture with him before all of our time was up! 🙂

—– James M.

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