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Infested Planet Preview

Dear Gertrude,

It’s been six weeks since I’ve been sent to the front lines; who knew that setting up a new resort franchise was so much work. I’ve been put in charge five really great guys, but they seem to know almost nothing about building hotels. Mostly they have rifles and shoot at the local fauna.

Pest control seems to be our biggest problem. As soon as we set up one building huge nests pop up nearby and send swarms of giant bugs at us. It’s very disconcerting, which is why I’m glad they let us set up turrets and other defensive equipment to guard our stores of food while we’re off scouting for the perfect location for a pool.

Speaking of our defensive equipment, I’ve been in talks with the local science academy and they’ve agreed to develop some nifty tech. All they ask is for us to collect the materials from local hotspots to help fund the construction of our futuristic tech. I find this particularly enjoyable because it sets up a fun scavenger hunt.

Speaking of the hotspots, those bugs never become dull. It seems that every time we clear out a nest, the rest become just become a bit stronger. No reason to worry though, at least it breaks up my busy day of filling out paperwork and pest control. There is nothing like the challenge of dealing with the occasional overwhelming rush to get the blood flowing.

I don’t know where I’d be without all the interesting advancements from research and development. Aside from coming up with the right kind of scrubbers for the bathrooms we’re trying to set up, they also let us install a shield or make a little robot companion for my companions. I know it takes them a while to come up with the better stuff, but it gives me something to which to look forward.

Well, I must go; we’re about to discuss the arrangement of our breakfast buffet. Perchance kill more bugs. I long to hear news of how your project to study the ever-elusive “real gamer girl” has been progressing. It has been some time since your last update.


In all seriousness, my absolute favorite thing about this game is how it’s a heavy mix of tower-defense on top of RTS. The point isn’t to survive long enough to build up enough stuff to go take an objective but more on deciding which objectives are best to take first. You can even choose to forgo taking the next objective to go on a mission to collect extra equipment deep in enemy territory. It’s all about making tactical decisions.

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