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I Heart Geeks Review

Puzzle games have evolved significantly over the last umpteen years. Going from playing puzzle games like Tetris Attack and Kirby’s Avalanche, to games like Intelligence Cube and Portal makes it seem as if most major corporations want their gamers to take a break from mindlessly killing zombie and the like, to something that makes you think. However, it seems to be that most, if not all modern day puzzle games are typically put out by independent developers nowadays, rather than the major corporations such as Valve or Capcom. Judging from all the new movies coming out along with newer games, 2012 is shaping up to be the “Year of Indie Releases” and I Heart Geeks is one of them.

I Heart Geeks was put out by Independent Art for the Nintendo DS. On a side note, both the back-story and artwork was done by legendary fashion mogul, Marc Ecko of Marc Ecko Entertainment. The games finds you as a stereotypical geek who uses his brains versus the brawny jocks in an attempt to get the girl. Though this sounds like something from Dawson’s Creek, I assure you that it isn’t. The game has you going through about 100 different puzzles, all of which get increasingly difficult as you progress.

What makes this game interesting, is that these aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill puzzles. No kids, these are akin to “physics puzzles”. Most of the time, you’ll be placing a weight on one end, and severing the rope on another in an effort to swing said weight in the desired direction to knock something down or activate a gear or pulley. The really interesting thing is that there are multiple solutions to the puzzles, so there really isn’t a single incorrect guess.

Like I said previously, the overall goal of the game is to win your girl’s heart by using your superior intellect, all the while dealing with the idiot jocks who constantly torment you and your friends. Needless to say, if things could be settled like this in real life, you’d probably see a reduction in bullying and hazing cases in the news. Of course you’re probably asking yourself if I was bullied as a kid. Not really so much. Once I hit my teens, people backed off quickly. Still though, it is funny to see the antagonists in the game get their just desserts.

In any case, I Heart Geeks is definitely a must-play. While the game may seem overly complex, it’s actually quite relaxing and humorous. I don’t often review Indie games, but when I do…I’ve drank Dos Equis.

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8.0 out of 10

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