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Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2 Sisters Generation Review

The Hyperdimension Neptunia series has always had an interesting setting as its loosely based around the real world “console wars”. All the characters or places in the game are named like a piece of tech or software in real life. Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2 Sisters Generation (thats a mouthful) is the second installment in the Playstation Vita remakes based off of the original releases following Rebirth One. The game is a turn based JRPG and is quite easy to jump into. There are tutorials for absolutely everything that are easy to follow and understand but are just brief enough to not be annoying. Hyper 2

The world of Gamindustri is in grave danger after a mysterious foe has defeated the four CPU’s, the world’s strongest champions. Taking them hostage and turning their lands into profit making machines for a group known as ASIC a new group of heroes must stand up to the evil doers. The player steps into the shoes of Nepgear, the younger sister of Neptune as she joins IF and Compa (two of the games several companions) as they set out to free the other three CPU’s and the lands of Gamindustri. The story is fairly straightforward and easy to follow although it is a lot easier to jump into if you play the previous game so you don’t miss out on story and certain character backgrounds.Hyper 1

The combat system is turn based and easy to follow. There is a circle that is your range of movement area and will move based on where you start and end your turn. Each character can perform up to around 4 attacks in a turn which is dictated by combo’s performed using the X, Y, and Square buttons in different sequences. You also have the basic item function available at all times. The character (after a certain point in the game) will also be able to transform Nepgear into her more powerful alternate form where she gains armor, a larger weapon and the ability to fly (which does nothing just looks cool) as well as giving her an increase in stats and power. While this is nice you will temporarily loose the ability to use your lower companions such as IF and Compa. hyper 3

Graphically this game looks great. It definitely takes full advantage of the Vita’s capabilities with some slight differences from its PS3 counterpart. The music is lighthearted and sets the mood for all the different situations quite well throughout. The voice acting was well done and is fairly solid all around so no complaints there. There were some small frame rate issues occasionally but nothing that actually bothered me or caused any problems with game play. hyper 4

Overall this was a pretty solid JRPG and if your a fan of the genre its a great addition to the quickly growing Vita library. I would still reccommend picking up the previous title (also on the vita) before playing this though as to not miss out on story points. Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2 Sisters Generation is a light hearted, fun, easy to play JRPG that has plenty of content and impressed me as far as remakes go. 7 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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