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HYBRID MONTH: UFC Undisputed 3 Review

Attention ladies and gentlemen……IT’S TIME!!!!!! To take a look at UFC Undisputed 3 that is lol. And I’ve got to say that THQ has definately been heading in the right direction since the first two UFC games on current gen consoles. Both of the previous games were good to be sure, but a lot of gamers ended up turning away from them due to an extremely difficult learning curve and difficult number of control combinations. I’m happy to say that most of the major and minor issues have been addressed wonderfully in order to make a truly deep and unique gaming experience for this installement.

First off, there have been a ton of new features added to Undisputed 3 and they have been incredibly entertaining. One of the most exciting being a new game mode called Pride Mode. That’s right fight fans, you can now participate in the Pride Grand Prix that had been notorious in the past for its sheer brutality and the immense toll that it takes on the participants. Featuring a true to feel Japanese arena complete with techno music entrances and ropes instead of the steel octagon we all know and love. Your in game abilities have also been changed to reflect the rules of the Pride league from way back when to include the vicious head stomp and soccer kicks that are definately not legal in a normal UFC bout. But what made Pride Mode feel more realistic aside from the looks and sounds presented, is the fact that the in game roster has been bloated with all the fighters from the league as it stood 5 years ago. On top of that the time limits are also traditional Pride times with the first round consisting of a grueling full 10 minutes, and the following two rounds at 5 minutes apiece.

More of the prominant new features include the ability to TKO your opponent through leg damage, as well as a hand full of new leg submissions. The introduction of the Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions has definately given the roster a boost on top of the new addition of the Pride roster, leaving the player with dozens and dozens of choices. The new and improved career mode feels great and is completely user friendly for veterans or new players alike. The other game modes will consist of the returning Title Mode, Title Defense Mode, and Ultimate fights mode where the player can relieve historic clashes from the past.

Perhaps (as Ive hinted at before) the best part of Undisputed 3 is the fact that it is now easier to jump into and play. Now of course you can still use the previous controls from the past two entries if thats what you’ve gotten use to, but we now have the option to play with “amateur controls”. This allows players to simply flick up, down, left, or right for the majority of the major and minor transitions in the game. There are also tip prompts that will appear on screen during gameplay, but if you feel comfortable enough with the controls you do have the ability to turn these prompts off at any time. Along with a full blown tutorial menu and a completely revamped user friendly submission system, this was definately a step in the right direction.

Career mode has received a nice overhaul as well, and is much more streamlined getting the player into the fights faster rather than dealing with tons of stats and menu’s. The player can either create their own unique fighter to use, or can pick from the immense roster of fighters which gives plenty of options for those hardcore fans. And the nice part about picking an existing fighter is that you are not confined to there individual move set as you can learn and add new techniques by joining camps and doing a variety of training sessions.

As far as the online goes fans will be happy to know that fight camps are back. These allow you to join groups of people with similar fighting styles in order to win victories and rank up as a group. But if the lone wolf approach is more your style theres still plenty to sink your teeth into. With a point ranking system implemented, you will be pitted against players around or at your current experience level which is a great feature. And of course you can make and share highlight reels of those embarrassing fights of you beating in the face of your best bud’s created fighter.

In closing, the developer’s have truly hit it out of the park with this installement to the series. Amazingly accurate graphics accompany the gigantic amount of content, and despite the huge amount of stuff packed into this game THQ has still managed to make it a very user friendly game for both veterans and new players alike. Easily the best MMA gaming experience on the market. 8.5 out of 10

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