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HYBRID MONTH: Smash Bros Wii U Wishlist

Namco Bandai is helping out with the new Super Smash Bros coming out for the Wii U and 3DS. They even have some of the Tekken team working on it. In light of the news there will be a new crossover fighter in the Smash Bros Franchise, I took it upon myself to make a list of 10 characters that should be in the next installment. I did have a few rules while crafting this list.

Characters must have been on a Nintendo console anywhere from NES to Wii. These characters are 100% new to the Smash Bros franchise so there are not any repeats like Samus or Link included in this list. Third party characters are allowed.

I went through, scratching my brain and looking for the right characters that I would want to see in Smash Bros Wii U. After a few hours of searching, I narrowed my list from 20 to 10.

10. Little Mac (Punch Out Wii Version)

While many people would argue that the Wii Punch-Out game was either good or bad, Nintendo was smart to make a call back to one of their more famous titles on the NES. Little Mac is the character you play as in Punch-Out and with his new art style and 3D rendering for the new title he looks better than ever. To be included in the new Smash Bros would fit perfectly. He is a fighter (obviously) and his orthodox boxing style would make him a unique character in SSB.



9. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

I know Ryu Hayabusa is already in a fighting game but many people would recall playing Ninja Gaiden on the NES. Claimed as one of the hardest games on the platform, Ninja Gaiden has certainly made a name for itself. Despite his most recent game (NG3) he redeemed himself in Warriors Orochi 3. Because Ryu has been in 3D fighters for quite some time, it would be refreshing to see him in a SSB style game.




8.  Davy (Chameleon Twist N64)

The name Chameleon Twist has been long since forgotten. Revered as a game with a nice a idea but a bad execution, there were two games in the series that were on the N64. Davy is the poster reptile for the first game. His addition to SSB would be very interesting given the combat style of Davy. He hasn’t seen the light of day for quite some time and he should be revived.





7. Krystal (Star Fox Adventure)

Furries rejoice! Krystal was the female protagonist in the Gamecube spin off of Star Fox. Her use of magic and a big stick was the perfect opposite to Fox’s shoot everything style. Star Fox characters are not shy of the SSB series with Wolf being in the newest one and Falco showing up in Melee. While I like Wolf, I would see him getting removed in favor of Krystal. She would also offer something different to SSB for the Star Fox characters because she doesn’t pilot a ship or tank.



6. Bass (Megaman 8 & 10)

I know I know a Megaman character in a fighting game. Everyone is still peeved about Zero being the only Megaman character from the X series in MVC3, but a Megaman character should get some more attention. While Bass’ introduction into the series was crippled by bad design and gameplay, he was the most fun character in MM10. He works because his smash could be him fusing with Treble.



5. Victini (Pokemon Black & White)

Victini is the lovable Fire/Psychic type from the latest Pokemon game in the core series. Pokemon is something that is not afraid to show it face in a SSB games. Appearances by Pikachu, Mewtwo, Lucario, Pokemon Trainer, and Jigglypuff it is clear a new Pokemon should be entered from a recent game, like Lucario. Victini would work as it is a psychic fire type, so using telekinesis and launching fire blasts just seems right. Oh did I mention Victini knows V-Create, one of the most powerful moves known in Pokemon and it would work as a smash move.


4. King K Rool (Donkey Kong Kountry)

The reason why this fat croc should be in SSB should be obvious. Donkey Kong needs a rival from his game to fight against. Donkey and Diddy are nice, but King K Rool would introduce a whole new game. Having him and a bunch of his lackies tossing grenades as a smash attack? Yeah I think so.





3. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)

While No more Heroes has been ported to the PS3, it got its start on the Wii and his obscure humor and disposition makes him a perfect fit. As a nerd who won a glorified lightsaber in a contest, Travis became a bounty hunter. He just fits. All you have to do is imagine him fighting against Mario and you will be sold on the idea.




2. Kreese Kreely (Madworld)

Kreese Kreely is the main character of the incredibly violent Madworld. Voiced by John DiMaggio, this gruff man with a bad attitude just looks like he has a bone to pick with Link. While his game is violent, the art style would be a fantastic transition and make him really stand out.





1. Oswald (Epic Mickey)

Epic Mickey is bar none, one of the most profitable and popular games on the Wii and as Mickey’s trusty companion his brave attitude would make him the perfect ally. Utilizing the power of paint his fighting style would be very unique.

That is all for this list. Comment if you agree or disagree with this wishlist. What characters would you want to see in the newest installment in the Smash Bros franchise?

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