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HYBRID MONTH: Disgaea Cursed Memories

Disgaea: Cursed memories is the second game to the ever popular Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The two games have nothing to do with each other, other then a familiar face here and there. A lot of the old enemies you faced are back. Cursed Memories did an amazing job at keeping the game serious but with a healthy about of comedic humor to liven up your day just a little bit. Might I add a little bit of romance was added into the game, need I say more? I think i’ll just let you play through the game yourself to figure it out. Even though its not that hard to guess at what is going to happen even by looking at the front cover of the game.

The play through mechanics for Cursed Memories are just about the exact same for Hour of Darkness but let me give a quick review over the many things that you’ll face and have to deal with while going through Cursed Memories. Well first there are these little objects on the map called “Geo Spheres” which will either help you out or doom you to an agonizing death if not taken care of. As you can probably guess though the Agonizing Death Geo Spheres outnumber the helpful spheres about 10-1. The effects of the Geo Spheres can range from getting you more exp or making your enemies invulnerable to attacks (which is not good by the way).

The board on which you play on is organized in a bunch of little squares, your character can move so many squares depending on the types of items that your character is wearing at the time. Such as wearing nothing Adell can move 5 squares forward, but with some ninja boots he’s able to move 6 squares which greatly increases his movement speed allowing him to get closer to his enemies giving him the ability to dominate early on in the battle. The cool thing is, is that you can give boots to anyone thus greatly increasing the movement speed.

So you’ve read this far, and I congratulate you on that matter because you have finally made it to the story line! Anyways the story revolves around this evil Demon Overlord Zenon who just so happened to turn all the humans into Demons. For some strange reason Adell, obviously the main character was not affected by the demon curse and thus remains human. Adell decides that decides that he wants to hunt down and defeat Zenon so he has his demon mother summon the Overlord. Well apparently his mother did the summoning wrong because instead of getting a fearsome killing machine they end up with Zenons snooty obnoxious daughter. So the group decides that it is not really right to have his daughter so they go on the great journey to return Zenons daughter to him, but kill him at the same time (doesn’t really make sense to me) and thus turning the world of demons back into there original human bodies.

Disgaea: Cursed Memories is a very memorable game. This time around, Nippon Ichi Software developed (and is currently developing) the new Disgaea games. Despite the change in developers, Cursed Memories just as great as the notable Hour of Darkness and for this I give Cursed Memories a Solid 10 out of 10.

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  1. August 27, 2012, 4:01 PM

    So deep, so fast to play, so long, so quick to complete, so compelling, so involved, so many options, so many levels of depth.Basically you can play this game from anything between 30 and 500 hours. Seriously: find it, buy it, love it.I one read “Disgaea is not about fair fights, it is about getting strong and splatting the enemy before they have even moved”. That sums it up nicely, there are so many ways for one to get stronger, and it is so fast to progress, once one learns a trick or two, that … oooh … forget this, I’m off to play it again.


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