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Homefront: Home is Where This Game is…in the Trash


Credit to THQ

I am sure FPS fans have heard of Homefront. The look and marketing that went into this game was through the roof. The final product was a short, lackluster moron festival. There is next to nothing good about Homefront and I can easily say it is one of the worst FPS games I have ever played next to Battlefield Bad Company, Modern Warfare 3, and Crysis 2.

I will start off with the one good aspect of Homefront, the idea of the story. When you play this game now the prediction of Kim Jong Il dying and his son Kim Jong Un taking the throne before the year 2013 is a bit odd. The game takes place after North Korea has waged war against the USA and is now ruling over the land of the free with an iron fist. This is every patriots’ nightmare. The atmosphere in the opening scene is actually well done. You are forcefully taken out of your home and taken prisoner for unknown reasons. Then, on a bus, you witness the horrors of Kim Jong Un’s tyrannous rule. People are executed on the street, there is extreme poverty, and there is no sign of hope. This all happens within the first five or ten minutes and then the stupidity kicks in.


Credit to THQ

Now the actual gameplay shows complete with the Call of Duty formula or bad map design, two kinds of weapons, a story that seems to go nowhere, and of course regenerating health. Everything cool that was in the first scene is now gone and you are left with an unfinished game. Here is the rundown on the gameplay.

If you have played any FPS withing the past three years you will have played Homefront. There is literally nothing different about the gameplay that sets it apart from other FPS war game titles. The sprint mechanic is barely even a sprint. It is more like power walking and it is frustrating to run to the opposite side of a street and you die halfway through because you aren’t running fast enough. The worst part is, there is nothing you can do about it and you die a lot in the game because of it. I am a fat guy, I will admit, and I can run faster than the asshole you play as. Seriously, a fit ex military man who is being oppressed by North Korea doesn’t run or keep himself fit? Fuckin’ please. It takes me roughly 5 steps to cross a street while sprinting, it seems to take double that in Homefront. If the developers were going for realism they are doing it wrong.

It is hard for me to continue to talk about what is different about the gameplay of Homefront but all of it has been done before and beaten to death again and again and again there is lacking any substance for a full length review. The guns are bland, there is nothing determining one from another. All of the automatic weapons feel the same except clip size, you never use pistols, and there is two kinds of snipers and one whole shotgun. Come on, I know there are more than the types of guns to use in the real world, variety is the spice of life, this is a video game fuckin’ do something with it. The game is also pitifully short. I want to say I spent roughly two hours playing single player and was done. The ending is terrible as well. A bridge blows up, big fucking deal. You destroyed the Golden Gate bridge. North Korea has hit their honey badger limit and doesn’t give a fuck about the bridge. Good job American resistance, you went though hell and back getting a helicopter pilot to escort three trucks just to have a bridge blow up and have one of the “main characters’ die in the process. Opps, did I forget to say “SPOILER”, well to bloody bad. The game’s story sucks anyway and you see that crap coming from a mile away.


None of the characters in this game matter. All of them have zero personality, but maybe that is what the devs were going for. Maybe they were trying to show the idea of freedom fighters that no matter how much of a fight someone gives, they are still nameless shells waiting for the next thing…Nah. So the token black guy dies early on and the only two people that seem to care are the woman who doesn’t stop crying and the guy who was supposed to help but ends up open firing on you and your companions.

I wish I didn’t waste my time with Homefront. I want my two hours back. Oh well, I guess that is what Gamefly is for. Don’t expect to see anything multiplayer related after this closing statement. I didn’t bother playing online and I will never review a game based on multiplayer. Got a problem with it? Sue me. I give Homefront a 1/10 and that is one deserving point for having a cool idea for a what if scenario simply because it can still happen. Don’t play this game, ever. If you do, and like it, you have poor taste.

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  1. HO says
    January 23, 2012, 9:51 PM

    I took BlOps and traded it for this game, I think this is better, still a very good effort from THQ, at least better if I was to compare it to CoD:BlOps, at least it was less glitchy.


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