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Hikaru No Go (Anime)

Hikaru No Go the anime follows the manga pretty well other then last story arc in the manga was not aired in the anime, which was kind of disappointing.

The story revolves around the old Japanese game go. The way to play go is it starts out with both players each having either white or black peices on a Goben (The board in which Go is played on) The rules of the game is to entrap or circle your opponents pieces. But enough about the rules of Go its time to finally find out whether or not this show is worth watching.

The story starts out with a kid named Hikaru in his grandpas attic with his friend looking fo something to sell for money when he suddenly comes across a Goben with blood stains on it, the strange thing is, is that Hikarus friend cant see the blood stains. Thats when Hikaru hears a voice informing him that the voice has come back from the realm of the dead to play Go once more, Hikaru suddenly faints.

The story comes back the next morning with Hikaru in his class in school. Come to find out the ghost in Hikaru’s head is named Sai and he was from the Edo Period and and was one of the emperors royal go teachers, but there was another instructor that wanted to play Sai in a game of Go and the winner becomes the sole instructor to the emperor. But during the game the other instructor cheated and blamed Sai. Sai was so distraught that he couldnt concentrate and ended up losing the game. Labled as a cheater and banished from the capital Sai drowned himself in the river 3 days later. But since Sais soul wanted to play more soul he couldnt be at peace and couldnt cross over.

Hikaru not being interested in Go whatsoever makes Sai upset, and with 400 years of depression washing over Hikaru’s body cant handle it and forces him to vomit, pretty much forcing Hikaru to play Go just so he wont be sick. I really dont want to go into too much more of the story because it would be so much better if you (The reader) read it yourselves but alas i’ll tell you a little more about the story while also trying to persuade you into getting into Hikaru No Go.

Well Hikaru decides to go to a Go salon (A place where people go to play go with one another) and while there he stumbles across a boy his own age and is determined to play Go with him because hey a boy Hikaru’s age cant possibly be that good at go. Well the boys name happens to be Akira Toya a Go player with such strengh that he’s rumored to be better then several Go players. But unknown to Hikaru, throughout the game Sai instructs Hikaru on where to place his peices and ends up destroying Akira in there game of Go. When Hikaru leaves and Akira finds out that Hikaru has never once played Go before Akira is bent on finding out who and what Hikaru really is and thus Akira becomes Hikaru’s rival throughout the series and one of my favorite characters.

All in all Hikaru No Go is one of my all time favorite mangas, but heads up just because you’ve read/watched the Anime/manga like 10 times does not mean you are a go player, and I am speaking from experience of course. But no Hikaru is a great manga/anime one of the very few that I can read multiple times and I strongly suggest giving it a try, thanks for reading its been fun. 10/10.

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