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Highborn (PC) Review


Highborn is a Turn-Based Strategy title from Jet Set Games. Based on Heroes of Might and Magic this parody blends simple turn based strategy with a comedic fantasy world that is loaded with satire and subtle quips. Originally on the iOS, Higborn joins the ever growing library of iOS games hitting Steam. Does the game transition well onto a platform that typically does not utilize touch screen mechanics? Yes, it does and the game reminds me of some classics that are still a blast to play.

Archie, made apparent by his look, is the quintessential “Prince charming” character who always tries to do the right thing but can be a bit pretentious about it. He is on a mission to slay the Arch-Lich, Floyd. Many of the characters are satirical version of old school fantasy enemies that when picked apart, feel pretty ridiculous. Highborn capitalizes on that aspect and it works. Through the 9 single player missions the dialogue can get pretty damn funny.

Graphically speaking, the game has gotten a substantial upgrade. What once used to look like a tabletop strategy game is now a fully 3D rendered map with moving characters. It is nice to see a developer care enough when transitioning a game to have an enhanced appearance from a mobile predecessor. The game still plays roughly the same.

ss_c00b79e2b157da934aed5e68528e9b61f7284f5c.1920x1080You click a unit, move it near an enemy, click the enemy to attack, rinse and repeat. While the gameplay is not the most in-depth it is the basic stepping stone used in Turn Based Strategy titles. I mean, without all the skill trees and city building, that is exactly what games like Civilization are. What makes this game rather unique to the genre is that you have a finite number of troops to use per level. You can capture support buildings to gain more units which are the only way to increase your ranks. Placed throughout the maps are monoliths to give your hero more power to use that are not his basic heal and buff spells.

For what it is, Highborn is a great way to kill time. However, it does fall short on content. While not every game needs to be some grand adventure and take 50+ hours to complete, 9 missions feels a bit short. The gameplay itself is also a bit on the slow side. Maybe this is due to the short single player. Other than that, the game is rather fun in short bursts. It is worth the 10 bucks USD. I give Highborn for the PC a 7/10.

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