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He Who Seeks Power: A History Of Ganondorf

By rinerdar

Few villains in gaming stand out to the extent of Ganondorf Dragmire (Yeah, he has a last name; I didn’t know either.). While Majora may also have been a potential threat to his throne, along with the endgame boss of Skyward Sword(whom I will not spoil for you), Ganon has always been the name associated with ‘Legend Of Zelda Villain’. But did Ganon begin as the God Of Evil is he revered as today? Let’s start at the beginning…

*No Spin-offs. By the way, I actually am a fan of Link, even if this article presents otherwise. Had this been about Link it would have been the other way around. But since it’s about Ganon, I had to scrutinize him a little bit.

Who is Ganondorf Dragmire?

Ganondorf Dragmire is the sole male and King of the Gerudo, a tribe of desert-dwelling thieves. Every hundred years, a single male is born to the tribe, and that man must be king. And that man was Ganondorf. Fun Fact: Aside from Ganon, every other Gerudo is female, and very alluring. Which means Ganon is living the dream of every 13-year old boy.

Early Beginnings(NES And SNES)

In The Legend of Zelda, the original for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Ganon began as an evil yet humble pig who, along with a handful of minions, stole the Triforce of Power in an attempt to take over the world, as villains are want to do. But by sheer luck, Zelda’s nursemaid, Impa, stumbles into Link, who fixes the Triforce Of Wisdom, murders Ganon, and saves Hyrule. In a rather dark move on Nintendo’s part,in the sequel The Adventure of Link, by sprinkling Link’s blood on Ganon’s ashes, he can be resurrected(pro tip: Don’t die in that game, or else you’ll be treated to this great bag of terror.)

However, in A Link To The Past, Ganon proves true evil does not stay dead. After being trapped in a place known asThe Sacred Land, where average evil would have withered, Ganon kicks his feet up and makes The Sacred Land his bitch, turning it into the Dark Land, unfortunately Link is there- yet again- to stop him and fix all of the changes he’s made.While he does not specifically appear in Link’s awakening, Dethl, the final boss, assumes a form known as Ganon’s Shadow, an obvious nod to the true antagonist.

OMG HE’S 3D (Nintendo 64)

So Boss he needs no subtitle.

Ah, where would Ganon be without Ocarina of Time, his most notable appearance? Here we see Ganon’s evil ways fleshed out through polygon’s instead of pixels. This is also where Link and Zelda make their first notable screw-up. After sending Link on various quests to prepare him to take the Master sword, Zelda is forced to flee from the castle, which means no one is there when Link takes the master sword, yet falls asleep immediately afterward, letting Ganondorf waltz right in and take the Triforce of Power for himself. When Link the narcoleptic Kokiri wakes up, the world has become corrupted by years of unquelled evil, akin to the ‘Speed Demon’ episode of The Powerpuff Girls. With no one to stop him, Ganon has assumed full control over Hyrule. Thanks to Zelda and Seven Sages, Ganon is still sealed away in The Sacred Realm, however.

(As a side note, if LInk fails in Ocarina of Time, Ganon rules Hyrule; If Link fails in Majora’s Mask, the moon crashes into the planet and everyone dies in a fiery explosion.)

The New Ganon (Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii)



Pudgy Wind Waker Ganondorf

Possessed  Zelda-Ganon 

Wind Waker Ganon was a bit cartoony, but came with a bit of a darker back story. So Link has saved    the world and disappeared, like a drunken male after a one-night stand. Seizing the opportunity, Ganon returns to spread darkness, this time without a boy in green tights to stop him, and surprisingly nearly succeeds. However, the God’s intervene by….flooding the entire content? Whoa, those chicks are hardcore.

After killing nearly everyone and forcing the King of Hyrule to go from King to bright red boat, Ganon simply builds a fortress on the wave and begins kidnapping little girls in order to find Zelda and absorb her Triforce of Wisdom(insert pedophile reference here) . Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of kidnapping some kid’s sister, who happens to be Link’s descendant. After returning to Hyrule and confronting Ganon, the king’s obvious decision is to… flood Hyrule again? They must really enjoy living on mounaintops in Hyrule. Anyway, Link stabs him in the head, everyone is happy again.

Ganon’s appearance in Twilight Princess isn’t even made known to you until halfway through the game. You spend all the time going after this Zant guy, who for some reason is a mix of Voldo from Soul Calibur and Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers, only to find out Ganon is the real villain, behind everything. In the beginning Ganon was nearly killed by the sages, but saved by his Triforce of Power. After breaking free, a now pissed Ganon murder’s the Sage of Water and takes the Sword of the Sages for himself. Even with his new-found rage, he is still banished to the Twilight Realm with a wound on his chest. Enter Zant, who is enticed by Ganon into attacking the realm of Light. After a long-winded and convoluted battle with Ganon, He is eventually stabbed through the chest,  but shrugs it off. Zant,however, breaks his own neck in a dream/vision/plot device that causes Ganon to ‘die’ as well.

And so ends the history of Ganondorf. A man who was once a pig, became leader of a group of thieves, died several times, became a pig again, ruled the world briefly and at one point kidnapped children. Sounds like a good role model.

....Seems Legit.

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