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Hard Reset: Extended Edition Review

Credit to IGN

There is a lot I can say about Hard Reset. There is nothing that compares to this shooter. As much as I do not want to sound like a hipster, but you probably have not heard of Hard Reset. Mainly because it is a FPS that is not done by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, DICE, and Bungie/343 Studios. In 2011 shooters were the craze and games like Crysis 2 and Modern Warfare 3 were getting all the attention and money they do not deserve. Shooter Season 2011 was filled with generic, bland, and half-assed FPS titles. Hard Reset was the diamond in the rough that brought the idea of old school shooters back into the PC market. Hard Reset is a title every PC gamer should play. The unique cyberpunk atmosphere with storytelling similar to a comic book, and a variety of weapons to ensure you never get bored, this is a game you must experience. There is now an Extended Edition on Steam that comes with the DLC.

Major Fletcher is the only human left in the city of Bezoar. He is an Army Cobat Veteran and a soldier of the CLN. Forced into a conflict between two of mankind’s greatest enemies, he must expose the lies and uncover the truth behind what happened to the people of Bezoar.

The story is very well thought out, which is something I never thought I would say about a FPS. The gritty cyberpunk setting is what gives Hard Reset the advantage in this day and ages’ market. It just doesn’t use the atmosphere to the fullest extent, the story revolves around mega corporations, just like what cyberpunk is supposed to be about. Many games/stories preach this genre but never flesh it out well, Hard Reset does this genre of storytelling much justice. The story is also told through a series of comic book style cutscenes. In many ways, it reminded me on the certain scenes in Repo! The Genetic Opera. The game’s story presents itself very well, the only problem, is that it is incredibly short.

Besides the lack of an engaging story modern day first person shooters, they also have bland, boring gameplay and seems to play out by itself. Hard Reset rekindles the love and challenge of old-school shooter with no regenerating health and scarce ammunition. Sure you will have a shotgun, but you should save the ammo because it is rare. Unlike a game such as Call of Duty where the terrorists are all using the same ammo regardless of weapon. A big bonus when playing an amazing shooter like DOOM was the ability to carry more than two weapons (Thank you Halo for popularizing only two weapons…asshole). Hard Reset plays off the advanced technological setting with cyberpunk and the ability to have more than two weapons. Weapons can acquire upgrades that change them from a LMG to a shogun. The weapon itself has the ability to change, which is pretty snazzy. To gain upgrades you must level your weapon up and use specific kinds of currency.

Every weapon has their own function and use. This game throws a lot of enemies at you at once and your need can go from needed a single shot weapon, to something that pisses lead like no tomorrow. The variety of weapons plays on the variety of enemies you will be fighting. This mechanic is well thought out and no events seem scripted. One of the best aspects of Hard Reset are the large scale boss fights. Remember the bosses in Duke Nukem 3D? Yeah, they are kind of like that.

The physics engine is fantastic and the look of the game is brilliantly done. The art style is something to behold. The soundtrack is nothing stellar but it is nothing atrocious or nonexistent.

Hard Reset is an amazing title and it deserve your 15 dollars on Steam. With some story oriented DLC available it will keep you busy for quite some time. I give Hard reset a 9.75/10. The only downside was the singleplayer length. It was too short for its good.

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