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Happy Half Christmas from Rain Digital Games

Rain Digital Games, an online portal for independent video game content, today announced its “Half Christmas Sale”. From now until July 1st gamers can find half off, half the catalogue.

Let’s face it, the jolly old guy in the red suit is still on vacation. He’s chillin’ on the beach, working on his tan and catching some tasty waves, meaning no gifts for boys and girls for another six months.

But have no fear, Rain does not care who has been naughty or nice, we’re giving gamers half off half the catalog from now until halfway to Christmas.

The deals will change every day so festive gamers who don’t immediately see a deal on the game they want, come back another day and check again.  Between now and July 1st every title will have been on sale at least one time so check every day to see what’s under the tree.

For more information about Rain Digital Games, please visit www.RainDG.com.

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