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Hajime no Ippo

         Very rarely does a good series come out that is about an ordinary person in an ordinary world with no magic, flying or monsters. When those rare ones do come out they are usually pretty boring. However Hajime no Ippo is absolutely amazing. What makes it so good is that it’s about boxing. Just regular boxing with nothing special other than hard work and the will to get back up.  It is funny, sad, and on the edge of your seat thrilling. It is everything we wish boxing could be. Not yet dubbed into English Hajime no Ippo is a series not very well-known in the states.

          Ippo is your everyday kid who goes to high school and helps his mom run their fishing business. However he gets bullied and never sticks up for himself, until someone comes to help. He wakes up in a boxing gym surrounded by strong people. having never known what it meant to be strong he is instantly hooked. From then on he trains to become a great boxer through hard work and the courage to go further. Although the series is straight forward and jumps from training to fights Ippo does have some hilarious gym mates to train with. With a very slim cast other than the opponents this series follows three other boxers at Ippos gym. Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura. They are all very serious about boxing but still love to make jokes and mess with Ippo. Takamura being the most cruel to him.

          The coolest part of this series is that every move and technique is broken down to not only how the muscle moves and reacts but who the real life person who most commonly used such techniques. Such as Ippo  learns the peek-a-boo style most well-known for by Mike Tyson. Although watching people train sounds boring the training they do is exactly what real boxers do. It follows boxing and its physics to pure reality giving this anime something completely different from any other anime.

          Since its release in 2000, Hajime no Ippo has had two season, a movie and even a couple of video games. However they all stop way behind the manga. The manga is still being released with almost 1000 chapters, that being said it would be nice for the series to continue. There’s nothing more irritating than watching a series only to find out it hasn’t been continued in years. However it is still a great series to get into and who knows you may even read the manga just to see what happens.

          So if your bored and want to get into something I highly recommend this series to anyone, boxing fan or not. It’s a good break from all the fantasy that comes with anime and really lets you relate to what the characters are going through in their lives. Hopefully in a couple of years they will have released the third season and will finally be continuing this excellent series.

9 out of 10

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  1. BAD says
    April 27, 2012, 5:00 PM

    Cool you covered this gem; it’s arguably one of the most unique Japanese cartoon series ever. As a fan of both boxing and cartoons, I really agree with how, “It’s a good break from all the fantasy that comes with anime.” The absence of pre-pubescent girls and absence of dudes dressed like girls is what makes it great!


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