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Gungrave: Overdose Review

Gungrave: Overdose was originally released September 15, 2004 and is now available as a PSN download for just $10. The game takes place two years after the original Gungrave, also for PS2, but before the anime, which was very well made and i highly recommend that as well.

Gungrave: Overdose marks the return of Beyond the Grave, but also introduces 2 new characters, Jyuji Kabane and Rocketbilly Redcadillac.
Juji Kabane is a a foul-mouthed man with a supernatural nose. Juji and his partner Rocketbilly Redcadillac join Grave in the fight against Seed. Juji’s weapon of choice is a set of semi-automatic gunblades and some nifty fire based abilities. He is a strong close-range character, but his ranged skills are the weakest of the three. Juji is blind, but he wear a mask for more reasons than that, he wears it to to hide skin that’s ravaged by Seed. Juji seems to know more than he lets on but doesnt seem to want to share.
Rocketbilly Redcadillac is Juji’s partner and also a ghost haunting an electric guitar. Weird right? Billy is  he considers his own grandmother to be the ideal woman. Billy fights using the guitar he haunts, using it to send lightning arching to his enemies as he plays.He is a great long range character, but his melee skills are weaker than either Grave of Juji.
Overall if you are looking for character balance, Beyond the Grave is the best of both worlds. but it all boils down to gameplay style.

As you play through the game the story tends to be revealed between missions and occasionally during them as well, using semi-animated comic-book-style art with voice-overs and even a few fully animated cutscenes, which look amazing.

What is the gameplay objective of Gungrave: Overdose? Make it from point A to point B and absolutely obliterate everything in your path. That’s right, Everything.
See that tree? Shoot it.
That box? Shoot it,
That guy? Shoot him.
That car? Shoot it.
If it moves, kill it.
If it doesn’t move, try to kill it anyway.
If you see something and you don’t shoot at it, then your only playing half the game. Objects like crates, bookcases, pillars, statues, computers, cars, and windows can all be disintegrated in a steam of bullets. Whether it’s objects or enemies the hits all add to your combo meter, which fills your ability meter and allows you to use demolition shots, which destroy everything even faster. There are no health items or power-ups, but you do have recharging shields that refill after a few seconds as long as you’re not under attack, and i usually didnt have much of an issue with needing health.

The only real problems i had with this game were the lock-on targeting and the camera angles. Now you rarely need the lock since you automatically tend to take aim at whatever happens to be in front of you.
For me, the destructible environments is one of the the best aspect of Gungrave: Overdose. There is just something about the rampant destruction with minimal imput needed to play this game that is appealing.

7.5 out of 10

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