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Guncraft: Reviewgineering

Every so often I turn out to be dead wrong in an assumption about a game. When that happens, I try not to let the disappointment in my prowess in guessing color my opinion of the actual game. With that in mind, let’s talk about a really blocky FPS.

Guncraft is the latest blocky FPS from Exato Games. It features cubes, guns, cubes, vehicles, cubes, destructo environments, and cubes. I had thought that it was going to be a Minecraft like game – y’know, because of the name – but it’s actually more like a modern fps with interesting foundry options. There’s isn’t any resource gathering in a persistent world… there isn’t even any crafting.Guncraft-featured

Okay, so there is a tool to design a gun, but it’s basically like building a weird-shaped house. In creative mode. You get to choose between many differently colored blocks to put down on a grid and build up a thing that looks like a gun. In fact, you can make something that doesn’t look like a gun but as long as you put a spot that marks a spot as the handle and a spot that marks the muzzle then it’s a gun.

There are also other tools to customize your game, the best of which is the map building tool. And it’s pretty comprehensive, you can make your map however you want. The map sizes can get pretty big but beware because too much size can lead to lag or, even worse, isolated players. You can also design prefab buildings, which you can place as rewards for killing people.t_guncraft_communitybuilds_trailer_1280x720_3500_h32

All this, however, is just to serve the one real game mechanic: shooting people. Oh the designers really tried to make everything varied. There is the mode to shoot people while meteors destroy the world; there’s a mode to shoot people while stealing a flag; there’s even a mode to shoot people while shooting people. There are enough modes to keep things pretty varied and interesting though.

The true selling point of this game is the ability to manipulate the terrain. You can shoot out blocks and set up other blocks if you’ve earned enough money. You can set up choke points or barricades. This is where the prefab units come in handy. Some can get really expensive but you don’t have to build a tower one block at a time, you can just place a tower. It adds another interesting layer to combat.

Unfortunately, the combat, which is the meat of gameplay, is a bit lacking. Most guns are surprisingly accurate at any range and a lot of the differences seem trivial. Except the shotgun… don’t use the shotgun. With the scenery getting all destroyed, movement can become awkward. Have you ever been annoyed by the guy jumping everywhere he goes? Well guess what, now that’s you and anyone else who is playing with you. There is a vehicle selection and most of what you can get is awkward to pilot. You usually get those are a reward for kill streaks.


As I said, I tried not to let my disappointment from my missed assumption spill into my actual opinion of the game. But I still don’t think the game is very good as it seems unfinished. At least it works.  Unless you’re looking for a fully customizable FPS, you should think about giving this game a pass.

Final Score: 4/10

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